ūüß°Free Commenting Software for Facebook + Free Facebook Cheat Sheet

ūüß°Free Commenting Software for Facebook + Free Facebook Cheat Sheet



What’s up guys, welcome to another free trading¬†video… my name is Jeremy Lagatule and in this¬†¬†video, I am going to share with you “How to get¬†more comments for your Facebook posts”, all right¬†¬†um..

I’m actually also going to be giving away over $2,152 worth of bonuses¬†¬†for free to you, just for watching this video. All right so, bonus number one that you’re going¬†¬†to get today is a free Facebook cheat sheet valued at $97 bucks that are the value that¬†¬†I put on it, it’s actually probably worth more, you know I’ve literally made thousands of dollars¬†¬†using this strategy with this facebook strategy that you can start implementing as fast as today.¬†¬†you’re just gonna need to go and download the Facebook cheat sheet and you can start¬†¬†implementing it all right and uh let’s jump over to my Facebook I can quickly show you um now I¬†¬†haven’t been doing a lot because I’ve been working hard on my day job I haven’t put a lot of effort¬†¬†into my Facebook but let’s jump in I’ll show you some of the results that I get using this¬†¬†very very simple Facebook uh cheat sheet you’re gonna get access to it today it’s your first bonus¬†¬†just for watching this video um so 180 likes 137 comments that are on one of my posts all right¬†¬†here’s a post I posted four hours ago it’s got 11 comments 19 likes that’s not a huge amount um¬†¬†21 hours ago so last night I went out uh in this post got 74 comments 58 likes uh here’s another¬†¬†one a motivational post 74 comments 69 likes uh here’s another post about uh one of my family¬†¬†members 118 comments 98.


Oh i mean 98 comments 118 likes uh now this is a very interesting one¬†¬†now this is a money post all right so if you have a product a service or you’re trying to you know¬†¬†promote your business or anything at all um you know every so often we make a money post okay¬†¬†and if you check this out 93 comments 47 likes alright so you can see the power of that if you¬†¬†had you know 100 people commenting when you’re offering a service or a product that’s this is¬†¬†very very powerful and i’ve used this strategy to generate thousands of dollars online all right so¬†¬†uh basically ask a question to the community and if you come down here¬†¬†you’ll see um boom you know i send in my link so if you have a website you ask question because¬†¬†you’ve pumped up your engagement and you’ve built your audience of people who are interested in¬†¬†your industry you know people come in and they’re interested you can send them to your website all¬†¬†right so i just keep sending people to my website sending things in and i’m generating so many leads¬†¬†all right every single day using this simple uh strategy all right and you’re gonna get that.

It’s a free facebook cheat sheet that you can go and download all right i’m gonna leave the¬†¬†link below this video there’ll be all of your bonus links will be and uh below this video so¬†¬†you can go there right now or you can wait to the end of this video i’m going to actually bonus 2 is¬†¬†the free commenting software access all right so you’re going to get access it’s $97 value free¬†¬†there’s also a paid version that actually costs $97 dollars right and where we get paid to make¬†¬†comments on other people’s posts all right so this is super powerful if you want to earn money you¬†¬†can get paid but that’s that’s the paid movement but if you just want to use this to explode your¬†¬†business opportunities you can come in and our community will actually help you boost¬†¬†your posts and your profile through this free commenting software all right let’s actually¬†¬†jump over now this is the platform that you’re going to get all your bonuses on there’s so much¬†¬†stuff in here it’s absolutely insane but just for now just to keep this simple and short let’s log¬†¬†in and i’ll show you this free commenting software all right so i’ve just logged in¬†¬†as you can see here i’ve earned uh 970 80 cents in this system this is the new system um i had¬†¬†also earned thousands of dollars in the old system but we migrated over but let’s jump if¬†¬†we if you scroll down on the left hand side here there’s a whole lot of tabs if we go to the bottom.

We’ll find uh the resource for comment domination now this is the free software that we use¬†¬†all right to boost our posts and get tons of engagement on our posts for free right so¬†¬†basically we’re just helping each other so if you come down here on the left we have inbox posts¬†¬†comment credits new posts comments posted now this is the free membership that anyone can use okay¬†¬†there are a few rules on what you can post okay we want to keep it clean and keep it positive and¬†¬†you can also buy comments here all right so if you have uh business posts and you’ve got stuff¬†¬†you want to post uh you can buy comments and people actually come and you actually pay them¬†¬†to come and comment on your posts right so that’s a fast way otherwise um there’s a system here okay¬†¬†inbox that all you need to do is you come into this software right and you come and choose from¬†¬†this this menu this is other people’s posts that they’ve put into the software right and you just¬†¬†go and click on one of them and that will take you through and so you go and click on somebody’s post¬†¬†you go through to their facebook all right and then you can just like and comment on their post¬†¬†all right so you can just leave a comment so i’m just going to write¬†¬†awesome all right you can comment whatever you want as long as it’s uh you know within the rules and I’ll leave a couple of little emojis here and what I’m going to do is copy this all right so that it’s posted and then i’m going to go back and i’m going to enter my comment¬†¬†all right and boom and that has registered within the software that i have made a comment¬†¬†alright so if we go back you see here i have commented on one post today now all i need to do¬†¬†is comment on five posts per day and that will put my posts into the rotation so other people can¬†¬†come and comment on my post so if we go and look at my posts so we go up and click the my posts tab all right and i have a list of my posts so these are my posts that i put in all right let’s go and¬†¬†check one out so all you do is you enter a name of the post and you add the url of the post and¬†¬†all the trainings in here it teaches you where to go and get your urls stuff like that um and if we¬†¬†go and click on this oh wait uh facebook post is no longer okay that’s weird since my post is no¬†¬†longer valid.

Okay let’s let’s try another one i don’t know what’s going on there manage it says¬†¬†it’s live that’s weird okay let’s try it uh again okay so here’s here’s my money post all right so¬†¬†the money post that i showed you earlier uh this is it this is this is the post how do i get to it¬†¬†oh here we go so i clicked on it let’s wait for it to load and it brings us to the post right so see¬†¬†how i’ve got comments and and and likes all right through the software because the other members¬†¬†are coming through and they’re commenting and liking all right and so you can go come in and¬†¬†change these as well right once you’ve posted it you can come in and change uh post it you can¬†¬†turn it off if you click this button turn it off all right so guys this is super amazing because¬†¬†you can get massive engagement on your posts for free and especially if you’re¬†¬†in the online marketing uh industry you know like all these people that are coming to your¬†¬†click on your post and read your posts are other marketers all right so if you’re selling products¬†¬†for marketing or make money online stuff this is super super powerful because uh you can pretty¬†¬†much generate free leads and free um you know associates and and and people that can come and¬†¬†network with you uh and potentially maybe get on your lists and you can make money out¬†¬†from them all right you can you can buy credits okay so if you want to purchase credits you can¬†¬†do that here you can buy packages up to 500 credits all right i’m not sure i think it’s¬†¬†one credit oh one credit uh per comment so you could go and buy 500 comments¬†¬†um you can make new posts all right and then down here the common domination pro is the pro version¬†¬†so i have purchased the pro version and what this means if i click on pro inbox¬†¬†and i scroll down here uh check it out i’ve got one here i i have already been paid¬†¬†for 168 posts all right so that’s 25 cents per post okay if we go and check out the commissions¬†¬†i’ve earned i’ve actually earned 42 dollars okay just for commenting on people’s posts¬†¬†so i mean if you want to earn money for just commenting on facebook and this is super super¬†¬†easy all right because this is a service where people can buy you can buy credits or you can¬†¬†get paid for credits all right so that’s awesome i can go and click on this and go i’m not going¬†¬†to do that right now for this video because i want to keep this video short but i can click on this¬†¬†go and make a comment and boom i’ll get paid 25 cents for every single comment that i leave¬†¬†all right so guys that is the free commenting software that you can go and get your hands on¬†¬†right now okay if you want to get more comments on your facebook posts and boost your engagement¬†¬†okay so bonus number three that you’re going to get access to today.


Is the free affiliate program right which is within the same platform okay um if we go and¬†¬†click on commissions you’ll see here i have 33 dollars pending i have generated 970 and it has¬†¬†a breakdown here of all the products that have been purchased through my account this is a free¬†¬†program all i do is go and invite people to come and join this platform and when they buy stuff i¬†¬†earn money right like it doesn’t get easier than this that’s why i love this platform so so much¬†¬†and i’ve generated thousands of dollars using this all right i mean it’s a huge community and¬†¬†platform backed by a multi-millionaire marketer our mentor and trainer mr wayne crowe has put¬†¬†this together and he is constantly pumping you know tons and tons of money and resource into¬†¬†making this the most most ultimate platform for us to learn and generate commissions and blow up¬†¬†our profiles and our engagement and that this is so super cool and the best part about this¬†¬†guys is that it’s a hundred percent free okay um and the fourth bonus over 300 hours of training¬†¬†okay so i value that this at over 497 worth of value because um this has been taught to us by¬†¬†a millionaire who’s been doing this for over a decade and making millions of dollars now right¬†¬†you get all the training for free all right so if we go we’ve got a boot camp here that you can come¬†¬†and check out the boot camp all right you actually if you create a free account uh and complete¬†¬†

This boot camp all right you’ll actually get 20 bucks straight away okay add it to your account¬†¬†um just for completing this training okay so that’s super cool uh there’s also uh where¬†¬†uh the train ah training units right so there’s over 300 hours in here with the boot camp¬†¬†all these uh units all right and the training within the facebook group um where we all connect¬†¬†in the facebook group you’ll get access to the facebook group as well okay and there’s this¬†¬†one two three four five so many videos here training on different products and strategies¬†¬†for list building and affiliate marketing and making money and wow let me okay okay last¬†¬†thing i’m going to do okay is show you the final bonus which is the support group access 97¬†¬†value i personally think you know you could charge 97 per month all right and so if you times that by¬†¬†12 you just plugged into this group for a year all right that would be over a thousand dollars worth¬†¬†of value okay so that’s why i said it’s like 97 per month value this total all this stuff¬†¬†together comes to over two thousand dollars it’s like two thousand one hundred fifty two dollars¬†¬†worth of value if you are willing to plug in and use the systems and learn and implement and you¬†¬†know get going just like so many hundreds of other people have to earn commissions online¬†¬†you have a real opportunity here okay let’s jump over let me let me go and show you¬†¬†um the group okay so our support group is called the traffic dominators¬†¬†okay so this is our support group here um discussion over 70 almost 80 000 members¬†¬†all right and hundreds if not thousands of people are generating income with this.

Let me show you because we are always okay so we implemented with the new boot camp¬†¬†people get a certificate with their twenty dollars right so if you create a new account¬†¬†you will generate twenty dollars and you’ll get a certificate so heads of people in here are¬†¬†posting these certificates here’s someone got their 20 bucks here’s another one with these 20¬†¬†bucks uh but what i want to share with you is uh some of the bigger commissions that people¬†¬†are making in this amazing group so i’m gonna have to scroll down quite a bit to get through¬†¬†all the certificates oh here is one of our members who’s earned over a thousand dollars all right¬†¬†uh who else we got here here’s an oh now this is me when i posted i was up to 900¬†¬†but we have some serious serious earners in here i’m talking tens of thousands of¬†¬†dollars i just wanted to see if i could find uh here’s a good one fourteen hundred dollars um¬†¬†we’re the big guys we also have a competition i forgot about that we also have a competition¬†¬†monthly where you can win up to a thousand dollars every single month¬†¬†uh here’s one for 855 dollars uh here’s another one someone’s up to 1200 dollars¬†¬†well where’s the big ones anyway i’m oh here we go here we go¬†¬†this person has made over ten thousand dollars in commissions all right using this new system so i¬†¬†don’t know how much they made in the old system was probably another ten thousand they probably¬†¬†generated over twenty thousand dollars you us you know this is crazy all right so this is the group¬†¬†that you’re gonna get access to.

Also and um there is weekly q and a’s so if you ever want¬†¬†to come and ask our mentor any questions at all about marketing or making money online¬†¬†um you can actually come on live every single week and just talk talk to them talk to the¬†¬†team and learn alright so guys that is that is it for this video i wanted to keep this short¬†¬†and sweet but there’s a lot of stuff to cover so if you want to go and grab your free commenting¬†¬†software all right go get access to that and get all of these bonus i’m going to leave¬†¬†links in the bottom in the description of this video okay below this video this description i’m¬†¬†going to leave all your links there so you can go and get access to the stuff if you want to¬†¬†jump in and mingle with us network and start if you’ve got a business already all right you can¬†¬†explode your business you can learn a ton of stuff for free to explode your business and if you’ve¬†¬†never made a dollar online you can go and create a brand new um membership all right and within 24¬†¬†hours you can make your first 20 online and then when you start implementing some of the strategies¬†¬†inviting other people to join you know the the results you can achieve with this are absolutely¬†¬†insane just like i’ve shown you people making thousands and thousands of dollars all right so¬†¬†thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video i hope this has been¬†¬†um informative i hope you’re excited and ready to jump in and grab some of these ¬†free bonuses and these free trainings alright until my next training video guys bye for now.


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