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The Top 5 Benefits of SEO

Nov 13


SEO has gained popularity as a marketing strategy online because of its effectiveness. The benefits of SEO are numerous, here are the top five.

The digital landscape has drastically changed in recent years, SEO remains a valuable and efficient marketing strategy. While there are many advantages when you implement a successful SEO strategy, we've listed the top five to make it easier to understand (or remind you!) the reason why Gilbert Seo is so beneficial?


Increased Traffic

Since the top spots on the search results pages receive the majority of clicks and impressions, ranking at these positions can lead to significant growth in traffic for your site. SEO is also focused on creating keyword-relevant title tags and meta descriptions that appear in the search results. Optimized descriptions and tags aids in increasing the click-through rate. This also boosts the number of qualified internet traffic.



No matter if you're an eCommerce or non-eCommerce website, SEO yields quantifiable, trackable results, therefore there's no question about ROI. SEO agencies are able to track almost every aspect of their SEO strategy, including increases in traffic, rankings, and conversions. Comprehensive analytics also offer the capability to look into a specific detail to see demographics as well as other engagement metrics of people who have visited your website. E-commerce sites, SEO agencies are able to see the routes that customers follow to make a sale, all the way down to which keyword they used to find before purchasing. For non-E-commerce sites, you can attach value to lead conversions, for example, a "contact us" form fill-out, and calculate the impact of your SEO strategy in this way.



SEO is one of the most cost-effective strategies for marketing because it targets users who are looking for your services or products online. SEO's inbound nature allows businesses to reduce costs compared to methods that are outbound, such as cold-calling. Although cold-calling is an effective strategy, the leads generated by cold-calling cost 61 percent over leads that are generated using an inbound strategy such as SEO. Since SEO also targets users who are actively looking for the same products and services that you offer and the traffic that results from SEO is more relevant than other strategies for marketing, resulting in cost-savings for businesses.


Increased site usability

To make your website easier to navigate for the internet search engines, SEO can also help improve the accessibility of your website to users too. SEO involves rearranging the structure of your website and linking to make pages within the site easier to locate and navigate. This makes it easier for the search engine to navigate your website and find pages but can also make it easier for users to find the information on your website as well.


Brand Recognition

As top rankings bring in significant traffic including your websites placed in the top positions on the search results pages leads to more exposure for your site. Plus, being on the first page for your targeted keywords doesn't just help users associate your brand with the keywords you're targeting as well, it builds confidence since businesses that are on the first page generally are thought of as more reliable. The more of your websites and contents rank in high places in search engines and on the first page, the greater chance your users have to view your content and connect the brand with it.

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