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What are UX and UI design?

Mar 24

If you're a company owner, after that you understand that having a properly designed internet site is important. Yet what does that suggest? What are UX design as well as UI design? These are 2 crucial aspects of web design that every business should understand. In this article, we will certainly talk about the differences between UX as well as UI design, as well as just how each of them can aid enhance your internet site. We'll also supply some pointers on exactly how to choose the appropriate designer for your business. So if you're prepared to find out more concerning web design, maintain checking out!

Interface vs. User Experience

What UI and also UX both stand for gives some hint regarding the difference in between both: UI is "user interface," while UX is "customer experience." The user interface is the aesthetic design of your site, including the design, shades, typography, as well as various other elements that customers see when they see your website.

User experience, on the other hand, encompasses all elements of a customer's communication with your website or application. This includes every little thing from exactly how easy it is to browse your site to the general sensation a user obtains when using it. In other words, UI is what a user sees and also UX is exactly how a customer feels.

It's essential to keep in mind that UI as well as UX are not two separate entities; they are two sides of the very same coin. A great web designer will take both right into account.

Aren't UI and also UX Design the Same Job?

Sort of, however not truly. There are absolutely lots of designers who focus on both UI and UX design and also there is definitely a good quantity of cross-over. Nevertheless, the jobs and believed procedures associated with both kinds of design are significantly distinguishable. And also it is coming to be a lot more common for developers to specialize in one or the other.


UX developers' work is to focus on the general experience a customer has when utilizing your internet site or application. They think of things like ease of use, navigation, and also total feel. They function to make certain that users have a positive experience when making use of an item which they can easily complete their objectives.

A lot of their job occurs in the early stages of design prior to any kind of visual aspects have actually been produced. They create things like wireframes and sitemaps which aid guide the UI designers in their work.


UI designers often tend to concentrate much more on the visual elements of a website or application. They have a keen eye for information and are frequently excellent at producing stunning designs that are additionally easy to use. A UI designer's job is to take the wireframes and also mockups produced by a UX designer and transform them right into an aesthetically attractive fact.

An excellent partnership metaphor that is usually utilized to contrast UX and also UI designers is that in between an engineer and also a construction supervisor. It is the designer's task to design the feeling and practical useability of a structure, while it is the foreman's job to make these suggestions right into an appealing truth.

Do I Need a UI or UX Designer?

The response to this inquiry relies on your requirements as an entrepreneur. If you require somebody to create a visually magnificent site or application, after that you will certainly require a UI designer. If you require a person to concentrate on making your website easy to use and also browse, after that you will certainly need a UX designer. And also if you need someone that can do both, after that you will certainly need to discover a designer that specializes in both UI as well as UX design.

UX as well as UI Designers for Small Business

Large companies generally work with mega-firms to take care of every one of the digital design job from graphic design, web design and also development, to UX as well as UI design. As a small business owner, you most likely don't have the deluxe of employing such a company, so where does that leave you? What should you focus on when looking for a digital designer or designers?

When selecting a web designer, it's crucial that you select a person who recognizes your business and your objectives. Be sure to ask them regarding their experience with designing for businesses like yours. It's likewise vital that they have a good understanding of both UI as well as UX design; as we mentioned earlier, these are two extremely various yet similarly vital facets of web design.

If you have inquiries about whether you need a UI or UX designer, or if you're not sure just how to choose the ideal digital designer for your business, GTG Marketing can assist. We are a full-service marketing agency that focuses on assisting small companies expand. Call today to find out more regarding our services.