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How to Carve a Dragon Head

Aug 10

No matter if you're carving an Dragon Head for decoration or as a present it is certain to delight in the process. Dragons come in many parts and the wood carving of the dragon's head isn't an one of them. It can be difficult to decide which area of the dragon to concentrate on. Here are some tips to ensure that the project goes smoothly:

carving an Dragon Head

Wood carvings of Ying

Draw the outline of your dragon's head prior to when you begin carving it. Be sure to include wings and legs, as well as the tiny scales on its sides. After that, you can use different-sized carving knives to cut away the heavier material and smaller ones to form details lines. Remember to leave an opening between the horns as well as the closed mouth, since these can be easily broken. It is also possible to shave the sides of your head, creating the appearance of a fang and a muzzle. After that, you can place your eyes on top of the head.

There are a variety of options for those who are enthusiastic about dragons but don't know what style to choose. The wooden dragon head is a stunning piece of wall art or furniture. Suar wood is a strong and durable wood and has a wide range of uses. The dragon's head is delicate and detailed enough to easily fit on the furniture piece or hang from the wall. Because each carving is hand-crafted there will be slight variations in the finished piece.

Mudiao wood carving

A mudiao is a type of wood carving that is found in China. Its distinctive style is known as the mudiao style in Chinese. The process typically starts with a choice of a tree's trunk, and then a series of steps to carve the wood into a standard shape. A variety of tools for carving are then employed to form the wood into an artistic form such as a drawing, figure, or even three-dimensional designs.


Mudiao's dragon head woodcarving is an excellent option to consider, whether you're looking for a unique souvenir of Guilin's rich history or something more modern. Chinese artists make use of various tools for carving to create intricate patterns of figures, pictures, or figures in wood. They can be three-dimensional or two-dimensional. You can buy these works from local artists or purchase them through online stores. There are two different styles of mudiao dragon head wood carving.


This is the place to go If you're looking for an exquisite dragon head wood carving to embellish your home. Lazada offers thousands of high-quality and durable items for sale at a reasonable price. This selection of Dragon Wood Carving Decorations includes everything from high-end carvings to more affordable options. The unique combination of exquisite detail and a stunning colors, this piece is sure to make a splash in conversations.

Located in the heart of Beijing, located in Beijing's heart, this Ying dragon head wood carving is sure to grab your eye. This carving is stunning and clearly shows the artist's attention to detail. This is a wonderful way to welcome the Chinese New Year. You'll be amazed at the range of styles and designs offered! Whether you're interested in dragons to decorate your home or interested in their story the piece can bring luck and wealth.

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