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Plato's Closet Review

Aug 10

Plato's Closet is a franchise that resells clothing. The company was started by Lynn Blum and is expanding by 25-40 new locations per year. It was established to provide affordable clothes for families, Plato's Closet helps reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. It also offers rewards to customers for bringing their own bags when they shop.

Plato's Closet Review

Lynn Blum founded Plato's Closet

Plato's Closet is a retail chain of stores for children's clothing. Lynn and Dennis Blum, who are married with teenage children, created the company. Blum is owner of a multi-unit franchise who had multiple brands, opened his first location in 1989. Lynn Blum's son was the one who was instrumental in establishing the name of the brand. The Winmark Corporation is a major franchisee of retail businesses.

The concept is simple that consumers can purchase gently used clothing, shoes and other accessories at less than their retail price. By selling gently-used clothing and shoes to a new generation of customers Plato's Closet is helping the environment by reducing the amount of clothing that is manufactured and removing the trash. Plato's Closet also rewards customers for bringing their bags into the store with loyalty points. Consumers can save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

It's a clothing brand for resale.

In addition to selling new and gently used clothes, Plato's Closet is a top resale store for clothing for young adults and teens. The franchise network has more than 100 locations and average annual sales of $1.4M. The model for business is geared toward high volume and higher gross margin sales. As a result, the company has achieved rapid growth and is among of the fastest growing franchise companies.

The name of the franchise takes its name from the Greek philosopher Plato, who was the first innovator in recycling and reuse. The company was inspired by Blum's son, who equated Plato's Closet's business model to the concept of recycling. Plato's Closet's concept fits in with today's trend for fashionable clothing. There are more than 200 locations across North America.

It is expanding at the pace of between 25 and 40 new stores on average a year

The success of franchising Plato's Closet can be traced back to the company's attention to its core strengths and successful execution of marketing, public relations, social media and digital channels. The business has expanded to over 500 stores and is expanding rapidly its store network. The purchase of Winmark has brought about an impressive growth for the companyand continues to impress both franchisees and business.

The retail chain is expanding at an average rate of 25-40 new stores each year. This is because of word-of-mouth advertising and radio ads. The stores offer gently used merchandise with a price that is lower than brand new. Plato's Closet currently expands at the rate of between 25-40 new locations every year.

It encourages sustainable consumption

It is a great option to benefit the environment as well as the people involved in making sustainable clothes for children. The majority of sustainable clothes are composed of organic, recycled and recycled materials. Good brands pay fair wages and offer decent working conditions. You can lessen the impact of your purchases on the environment by purchasing from companies that support sustainable production. Here are some suggestions for buying children's clothes.

Fabrics made with organic dyes, or those that are low impact, are the best. Natural dyes are safer, more eco-friendly, and require less water. Unbleached fabric and cotton are ideal. These are natural off-white fabrics and better for the environment. Children's recycled clothing may be less expensive than brand new clothing. For instance it is made of recycled plastic bottles. Polyester, on the other hand is made from worn-out clothes and uses less energy and pollution than petroleum-based fabric.

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