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Willie Nelson's Hemp-Tea-Coffee Remedy

Aug 10

If you're looking for an herbal remedy that's potent and inexpensive, Willie's Remedymight be your best choice. This powerful remedy combines Hemp oil tincture and coffee or tea. It's a powerful combination to treat all types of pain and aches, including headaches and migraines. Willie's cure is available at most health food stores , as well as on the internet.

Willie Nelson's Hemp-Tea-Coffee Remedy

Willie Nelson

The country star has announced a new line of hemp infused products. Willie Nelson, who is an avid advocate of hemp, has introduced hemp tinctures to the market. It also sources hemp from organic farmers in the U.S. and independent cultivators. The motto of the company is "Count Your Blessings Everyday" and it aims to develop products that help people live Legendary Lives.

Willie Nelson's Remedy is a hemp-based wellness brand inspired by the pioneering country music legend and his agitated wife Annie. Since the announcement of his collaboration with the estate of Tom Petty, the popularity of the CBD-based hemp products has grown. The resulting CBD-infused products honor the musician and the proceeds will be donated to MusiCares which is a non-profit organization that helps musicians and provides support and healthcare. Wildflowers is an exclusive tea by the company.

Hemp oil tincture

Willie's Remedies, a hemp-based health product, announced a partnership with Tom Petty's estate. In honor of the late musician and activist The brand came up with tea that is limited edition. Proceeds of the tea benefit MusiCares, a charity that provides health services for music industry workers. Petty, who passed away in 2014, was an avid advocate of cannabis and hemp and was named in 2016 the MusiCares Person of the Year.

Willie's Remedy Hemp Oil Tinctures contain hemp that is organically grown in the United States, MCT oil made from coconuts, full spectrum hemp extract, as well as organic terpenes. The line of products is available in two strengths: ten mg and twenty-five milligrams. This tincture can be utilized as a massage supplement and is also available in biodegradable pyramid bags.


Willie's Remedy teas are meticulously created herbal blends that contain an array of cannabinoids in the leaves. Each cup contains as much as 200mg of CBD. It's caffeine-free and natural. Organic, fair-trade teas are offered in two flavors: black and green. Willie's Remedy teas provide an organic lift and are infused with hemp oil that counteracts the effects of caffeine.

Willie's Remedy's Café is packaged in bright brown paper bags. The design of the label evokes an old-fashioned General Store and the caffeine content is clearly indicated in milligrams. It is also possible to purchase hemp-infused teas by the company in a variety of flavors like cinnamon and vanilla. The first coffee flavor was launched in February and quickly was sold out. Since the introduction of the first coffee blend, the brand's popularity has steadily increased.


Willie’s Remedy coffee has both the relaxation effects of caffeine as well as the benefits of cannabis for health. The beans used in this blend are carefully chosen for their flavor and quality. Hemp oil is obtained from independent U.S. farmers and added during roasting. The result is an even, mellower flavor and is without any discernible cannabis flavor. It's also gluten-free and dairy-free.

The hemp-infused coffee of Willie's Remedy contains 7 milligrams of CBD for one grams of beans. It comes in either a whole bean or freshly ground. The quantity of hemp extract you get from a single cup is contingent on the quantity of ground coffee that is used. An average serving contains 15 milligrams per cup. The coffee is priced at $36 for a half-pound bag and is delicious with a hint of sweet notes of fruit.

Topical balm

There are a lot of products available that contain CBD, but what's the best one? In this article, we'll take close look at three choices. These products are non GMO and gluten-free. They also contain organic ingredients such as beeswax, jojoba oil and beeswax. PlusCBD CBD balm is one of the most effective, due to its full spectrum CBD, which includes all the cannabinoids that are found in marijuana plants, excluding THC. The balm is a combination of CBD and wintergreen oil that gives the balm a pleasant, pleasant smell.

Willie's Remedy CBD Another product with CBD derived from hemp is Willie's Remedy Relief Balm. The company introduced Willie's Remedy CBD as a hemp-derived line with zero THC. Willie's Remedy CBD aims to raise public awareness about the benefits of hemp which has many of the same health benefits as medical cbd