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Trash Dump Fayetteville NC - Grunt Life Hauling

Aug 11

To get rid of residential or commercial rubbish You must hire an expert. They also handle construction debris and offer free estimates and same-day collection. Grunt Life Hauling is a veteran-owned business offers trash removal and disposal services in Fayetteville. Do not try to remove junk from your property. Junk is often dangerous and can pose an health risk for you and your family.

Free quotes

There are several factors to take into consideration when you request a free quote from a junk removal service located in Fayetteville, NC. The price for a job is determined by three aspects that are size, type and quantity. The type of waste you're hauling determines what kind of price category you're in. Certain types of items require special disposal or recycling, make sure to check the details in the price before hiring the hauler.

A thorough study on solid waste was commissioned by the Solid Waste Division to evaluate the efficacy of the services. The study examined the quantity of recyclable materials disposed in landfills, and also the comparison of Fayetteville Trash Collection Services with the other North Carolina cities. You can download this spreadsheet to evaluate the performance of various junk removal services. The study's documents can be examined to determine which firms are the most efficient in trash disposal.

Service available on a daily basis.

Grunt Life Hauling, LLC is a veteran-owned business which specializes in garbage and junk removal. They can remove construction debris, unwanted furniture and appliances. They provide affordable prices and same day service. In addition, they recycle items that can later be donated to local charities. Contact them to schedule service today and enjoy hassle-free trash removal and recycling.

Same-day service for Trash Dump in Fayetteville NC is offered when you call to make an appointment for an appointment for a pick-up. An experienced professional will come to your home and take away your trash within the same day. Prices for garbage pickup vary depending on the amount of junk you have and how big your home is. The company will also collect your yard waste like leaves.


The professionalism of garbage removal in Fayetteville is an indication of a company that cares about your trash. When choosing a company to meet your requirements there are several things you should look out for. These suggestions can help you select the most suitable company regardless of whether you require a commercial trash pickup or residential garbage pickup.


The Reliability of Grunt Life hauling at Trash Dump Fayettaville NC starts with the company's veteran-owned and operated business. They are experts in the removal of garbage and provide services to commercial and residential clients. Appliances and furniture that aren't wanted could create a mess in your home , making it difficult to get rid of. To ensure the best level of service and reliability, Grunt Life Hauling employs only professionals who are able to provide the necessary services.

The success of a company is measured by its dependability. It should also be noted that this company has a track record of providing quality services for more than a decade. It is a well-known company and strives to surpass clients' expectations. It is also regarded as among the most trustworthy junk removal companies throughout the region.


Fayetteville has a municipal landfill on Ann Street which can handle all its waste disposal needs. Residents can utilize blue recycling carts or drop off their waste in the garbage dump. Recycling is crucial as it helps reduce air and water pollution, while having economic benefits. However, the residents of Fayetteville ought to consider alternative options to keep their disposal costs to a minimum.

Residents pay $25 per month for the Fayetteville's residential garbage collection service. A hike of $82 could increase the cost to $190 for each residential unit, removing the $4.6 million subsidy. While taxes support this program, the city gets $760,000 per year for debt service. The stormwater fee will rise from $4.25 per month up to $4.50 per month. The money is utilized to upgrade the stormwater infrastructure of the city.

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