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How to Sharpen a Dog Clipper Blade?

Oct 5

A dog clipper blade is the most important tool in your grooming arsenal. It should last forever, and it should always cut hair with ease. Unfortunately, many blades fail after only a few uses.

Blades aren't cheap, and replacing them every year or two means spending hundreds of dollars each year. Fortunately, there are simple hacks to make your blades last longer and perform better. In this post, I'll share how to sharpen a dog clipper blade using nothing more than sandpaper and a drill press.

I've tested these techniques myself, and they work great. They also save you tons of money over buying new blades every year.

After sharpening, a dog's edge can be refinished

Using sharp clipper blade

Before using a dog clipper blade, it must be sharpened. It is a good idea to sharpen the blade side to side. First, run the blade through a coarse whetstone. Then, move on to a finer one. After sharpening your blade, clean the cutter to remove hair. You can brush the blade using a toothbrush but make sure that no moisture gets into the cutter.

Refurbishing a dog-blade requires some effort and special tools. To disassemble the clipper, you will need a screwdriver. You should remove the head screws that hold the blades together. Also, you should keep a toolbox handy where you can store any screw heads that you have removed.

Using a whetstone to sharpen a dog's blade

Whetstones work well for sharpening the edge of a dog-nail clipper's blade. To sharpen the blade, hold it at a 20-degree angle to a stone and then gently stroke the blade across the stone. The sharpened blade should be free of burrs. After the cutting process is complete, wipe the blade dry using a clean cloth.

Whetstones come in two sizes: coarse and fine. The coarse surface stone is required for normal blades. While the fine side can be used to sharpen ceramic blades, the coarse side can be used to sharpen them. These stones can be purchased at most hardware stores and online.

A wetstone is available at any hardware shop or online. If you don't have a wetstone, you can order one online or in a DIY kit. You will need water to sharpen the stone, so make sure it is soaked until it is almost saturated. A good way to get this water is by using a spray bottle and soaking the stone in it.

To sharpen pet nails clippers, you can also use a whetstone. Make sure that the blade of your clipper is sharp before you start using it. Sharpening a dog's nail clipper blade will increase safety and ensure a clean cut.

To prevent rust from forming on the blade after it has been sharpened, it is important to rinse it off well. For this, you should soak the blade in a cleaner for 20 to 30 seconds. After that, rinse the blade with water. Next, sharpen a dog clipper blade by reassembling it on the clipper. Finally, oil it before you use it.

Stainless steel blades

Stainless steel blades for dogs are extremely durable, but they require some maintenance to keep their sharp edge. The blades should be cleaned regularly and stored in an area that is air-conditioned. Oil them if necessary. They should be checked for sharpness every four to six week. Extreme temperatures can make them dull or warp.

A dog's canine hair can dull the blade quicker than a human. This is because dogs have a coat that traps dirt, oils, and fleas. This can lead to a dulling of the blade in less that half an hour. It can also get stuck between your blade and the comb attachment, which can cause further damage.

There are many ways to sharpen the nail clippers of a dog. If you have lever-style clippers, first remove the lever. If the clippers have a pin, remove the pin with pliers. You can then use one the tools listed below.

A dog clipper knife is made from ceramic or stainless steel and may contain carbon, or titanium. Carbon-infused stainless steel has a harder cutting edge and is known to last longer. Chrome finishes are known to be more resistant to rust and more durable. Some stainless-steel dog blades also have silver antimicrobial qualities that help reduce the growth rate of bacteria.

Depending on the purpose of the stainless steel dog clipper, there are different blades. The coarse tooth blade is for thicker and more matted hairs. The fine-tooth knife is also suitable for small breeds.

There are several methods to sharpen a clipper for dogs. You can clean the blades with a cleaning product. This solution can remove dirt and hair that has built up between the metal plates. After you have cleaned the blades you can oil them using a special lubricant. The lubricant will help maintain their sharpness and prevent them becoming dull. A professional dog-clipper sharpener is also available.

There are many brands that make high-quality dog blades, so if you are thinking of buying a dog clipper, there are many options. They are easy to use and relatively cheap. You can also check the tooth spacing. If it is too small it can make clipping difficult.

Cleaning a dog's blade after sharpening

When you are using a dog grooming tool, cleanliness is essential. Make sure your blade is clean and free from hair. To do this, use the toothbrush to remove any hairs that are stuck in your blade. Avoid leaving the blade wet, as this can cause rust.

After sharpening, disinfect the blade with a disinfecting liquid. After sharpening, soak the blade in a disinfecting solution for 20 to 30 seconds. Rinse it with water to get rid of any residue. Protective gloves are recommended so that you don’t get cut.

Dog hair traps dirt, oils and flea dirt better than human hair. These contaminants can lead to a duller blade quicker. To ensure the blade's durability, it's important to keep it clean. A dog clipper that is not regularly sharpened will eventually become blunted quicker than one that is clean.

Your dog clippers' life span will be extended if they are regularly sharpened. With regular cleaning and oiling, a dog clipper's blade should last from 10 to 12 weeks. This depends on the type, frequency and length of the grooming sessions. A small trim job can last longer than a complete body haircut. Clippers used for less than a minute per day may only need to have their blades sharpened once a month, while groomers who use their clippers every day may need to have them sharpened every four to six weekly.

After sharpening, it takes some effort and the right tools to clean a dog's clipper knife. You can clean the blade yourself with a cleaning solution. For the best results, soak the blade for 30 seconds. After rinsing the blade, rinse it with plenty of water and dry it with a clean towel. When done, put the blades back together.


In conclusion, sharpening a blade is a simple process that takes less than five minutes. Once you know how to sharpen a blade, you'll never look at another dull tool the same way again.

All you need is a piece of sandpaper, a metal file, and a pair of pliers. Start by rubbing the edge of the blade against the sandpaper. Then use the file to remove the burrs from the edge. Finally, hold the blade between the jaws of the pliers and twist it around until the burr disappears. Now you're done!