23 Pinterest Stats That Matter For Marketers In 2021

Pinterest statistics are an integral part of marketing strategies on and off the platform. At a glance, they help marketers understand the Pinterest audience and identify trending content.

Social media statistics are widely used in online marketing circles. But not all statistics are relevant, reliable and up-to-date. We've rounded up the important Pinterest stats based on the latest data straight from the source.

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General Pinterest statistics

See how Pinterest stats measure up against other social media networks and beyond.

1. Pinterest is that 14. largest social network in the world

As of January 2021, Pinterest will be the 14th largest platform in the world in terms of globally active users.

The platform is below social networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat – but ahead of Twitter.

Source: The Global State of Digital 2021

2. The platform now has 459 million monthly active users

Pinterest gained more than 100 million monthly active users in 2020. This is the biggest increase the platform has ever seen. The influx of pinners resulted in a 37% increase in monthly active users between 2019 and 2020.

3. The monthly international user numbers increased by 46% in 2020

Pinterest's fourth quarter 2020 shareholder report shows that a significant portion of the company's growth took place outside of the United States. The monthly monthly active users increased to 361 million in 2020. This corresponds to an increase of 46% compared to the previous year.

In the US, there were 98 million people active on Pinterest every month in 2020, an increase of 11%.

Pinterest monthly active users in the millions in the US and internationally

Source: Pinterest

4. International sales more than doubled in the fourth quarter of 2020

In addition to the international growth in users, Pinterest gained considerable advertising dynamism in international markets – “especially in Western Europe,” the company said in a letter to shareholders.

The company had international sales of $ 123 million in the fourth quarter of 2020, compared to $ 50 million in the fourth quarter of 2019.

"And we're just getting started here," the letter says. "We plan to expand our presence in existing international markets and look forward to opening up new regions in Latin America in the first half of the year (2021)."

5. Pinterest 10-member board of directors now includes 2 women of color

The company's latest diversity report shows that black employees made up just 4% of Pinterest's total workforce and just 1% in leadership positions in 2019.

Overall, women represented 47% of employees, only 25% of management positions and an astonishing 80% of interns.

Pinterest came under fire last year for gender and racial discrimination. An independent special committee was set up in June 2020 to review the company's workplace culture. The committee's recommendations were published in December and some changes have already been implemented. The company recently appointed several women of color to its board of directors, executive team and other leadership roles.

Pinterest is committed to ensuring that 50% of the "managed creators" it works with are from underrepresented groups. The company also added a way for retailers, advertisers and developers to identify themselves so that the company can showcase their content in the Today tab, Shopping Spotlights and Pinterest Shop.

Pinterest user statistics

Use these Pinterest user statistics to understand the platform's demographic dynamics.

6. For 60% of women, the gender gap can narrow on Pinterest

Women have always outperformed men on Pinterest. In a recent blog post, the company's global head of business marketing identified men as one of the platform's fastest growing demographics. In 2020, the number of male pinners increased by almost 50%.

When it comes to advertising audience, the breakdown by gender looks a little different. As of January 2021, Pinterest's self-service advertising tools identified the female audience as 77.1%, the male audience as 14.5% and the rest as unspecified.

In 2019, Pinterest saw searches for gender transitions grow by 4,000%.

Overview of the Pinterest advertising audience for January 2021

Source: The Global State of Digital 2021

7. The number of Gen Z users increased by 40% between 2019 and 2020

In terms of generational demographics, Pinterest saw the greatest growth last year with Gen Z. Maybe they don't spend all of their time on TikTok.

According to the Pew Research Center, anyone born after 1997 is considered part of that generation.

The number of Millennial Pinners (all born between 1981 and 1996) rose 35% in 2020.

8. Represented women aged 25-34 30.4% of Pinterest's ad audience

Women are superior to men and non-binary users in any age group, but this is especially noticeable in the 25- to 34-year-olds. The results from Pinterest's self-service advertising tools also show that Pinterest's demographics are young, especially for women.

Pinterest Advertising Audience Profile by Age Group and Gender January 2021

Source: The Global State of Digital 2021

Usage statistics from Pinterest

Knowing what makes a pinner pin differentiates a good marketing strategy from a mediocre marketing strategy. Whether you're looking for more followers or sales, these Pinterest stats should guide your efforts.

9. 82% of people use Pinterest on mobile

This number has decreased slightly compared to 85% in the previous year. Still, the number of mobile users on the platform has been over 80% since at least 2018.

10. People are watching nearby one billion Videos per day on Pinterest

Not everyone associates Pinterest with video, but it's a growing industry on the platform. To support growth, the company recently launched Pinterest Premiere ad packs designed to improve targeting and reach of video campaigns.

11. 95% of the top searches on Pinterest are unbranded

Why is that important? This means that pinners are open to discovering new products and ideas. Nearly 9 in 10 people use Pinterest as an inspiration to buy, and 98% of those surveyed by the company say they try new things based on what they find.

12th 85% of the winners say they use Pinterest to plan new projects

While people use Pinterest in different ways, a significant percentage of pinner are planners. Often times, people come to the platform when they are in the early stages of a project or a purchase decision.

13. The number of created boards has been increased by 35% in 2020

Pinterest users have been particularly busy planning in 2020, and Pinterest has the boards to prove it.

What types of boards have people made? The number of boards with womenswear increased by 95%, the beauty by 44% and the home decor by 36%. Between June and December 2020, Pinterest recorded a so-called "historical wave" of boards for baby products.

Bedroom decor pinterest board

Source: Pinterest

Some new trends also came to the fore. "Dream Lifestyle" boards became three times more common on the platform, along with the advent of home workout and project planning.

14. Vacation planning begins 9 months in advance

Christmas in July? Christmas planning on Pinterest starts in April.

The search for “Christmas gift ideas” was three times as high in April 2020 as in the previous year. “Christmas decor ideas”, “Christmas films”, “Christmas cookies” and “Christmas wreaths” were among the platform's most important search terms between June and December.

Seasonality is important on Pinterest. According to Pinterest data, Pins with content that is “specific to seasonal life or everyday moments” generate ten times more awareness and 22% more online sales.

15th 8 in 10 Pinterest users say the platform makes them feel positive

Pinterest has made positive strides where other platforms have failed. In a survey by Morning Consult and Pinterest, 90% of those questioned went so far as to call Pinterest an “online oasis”. One reason people think this way is because the company banned political ads in 2018.

Pinterest also calls the moderation of content as a means to keep negativity away from the platform. "If there's one thing social media has taught us, it's that unfiltered content encourages negativity," a company report said. "Without intentional moderation, platforms based on connecting people have ultimately only polarized them."

Pinterest Marketing Statistics

Pinterest is a rare frontier on the internet where people are open to branded content. Learn how other marketers are doing with the app with these Pinterest stats.

16. Advertisers can reach more than 200 million people on Pinterest

Pinterest's quarter-over-quarter change in ad reach increased 6.2% and is expected to increase further over the course of the year. Part of the increase is due to Pinterest adding more countries to its ad targeting portfolio.

Still, more than 100,750,000,000 members of Pinterest's ad audience are based in the United States, which is more than 50% of the total audience available to advertisers. The USA are followed by Germany, France, Great Britain and Canada. This order has not changed since the previous year.

Pinterest achieves rankings by country

Source: The Global State of Digital 2021

17. 6x more businesses used Shopping Ads in the fourth quarter of 2020

Pinterest reported that "Shopping ad revenue has again grown faster than our overall business, and we saw a 6x increase in the number of businesses using the Shopping ad format in the fourth quarter (from 2020)."

This increase corresponded to an 85% higher exposure to Pinterest shopping areas between April and October 2020.

The Shopping ad format is currently only available in 28 countries in North America and Europe. Shopping is one of Pinterest's strategic priorities for 2021, so expect the format to become more widely available soon.

18. Weekly conversions on Pinterest have grown by 300% last year

These Pinterest statistic suggests that people not only shop but check out too.

Between January and August 2020, there was a 300% increase in add-to-cart and checkout conversions.

Note that Pinterest recently rolled out a number of features that made shopping on the platform easier. The statistics also reflect the pandemic-induced shift to online retail.

19. Winners are 70% more likely deal with product tags in scenes

These Pinterest stats are important if conversions and sales are an integral part of your marketing strategy.

People prefer to see your product in action rather than taking simple product shots. According to Pinterest, campaigns that show someone is using your product are also more likely to increase sales.

20. Collection ads run a 6-18% Increase in the total basket size

Collection ads allow marketers to promote multiple products in the same PIN. The full screen ad experience shows a hero picture and up to 24 secondary Pins.

Unsurprisingly, as you show people more products, the more likely they are to put more in their shopping carts.

21. Pins with "new" in the overlay text lead to 9x higher assisted awareness

According to Pinterest data, people notice when things are “new”. And they remember her more too. So whenever you start something new or new and improved make sure to include the word.

22. Almost half of the total ad spend was automatically bid in the fourth quarter of 2020

Pinterest introduced automatic bids for purchases in October 2020. By the end of the year, almost 50% of advertising spending on the platform was done in this way.

Pinterest also told investors that the majority of advertisers using automatic bids have increased their budget allocations on the platform, suggesting the process is effective.

23 92% of Pinterest advertisers Rank the platform for reputation first

In a survey of Pinterest advertisers (conducted by Pinterest), 92% of respondents rated Pinterest first in terms of overall reputation – ahead of eight leading platforms.

The Pinterest leadership says it pays to be positive. "This positive environment will lead to better results for you – because people are more likely to see, remember and trust brands that show up in positive places," said Jim Habig, global director of business marketing, in a blog post.

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