Adweek Podcast: Revamping the Greatest Adverts, Stunts, and Daring Advertising and marketing Concepts for 2020

Tough Year Becoming a Marketer? It's been a tough year being human. But when the world was hit by pandemics that turned all the rules of normal life upside down, marketers had to find ways to keep communicating without sounding insensitive, opportunistic, or detached from reality.

This also made it difficult to identify the “best ads”. How do you think about something bold and inexcusable like Burger Kings Moldy Whopper when it feels (after launching in February) like it belongs to a very different year than what we've seen since the quarantine began?

As we unveiled Adweek's list of the 25 Best Ads of 2020 today, we gathered a group of our writers and editors on Adweek's weekly podcast to share our personal recommendations and why we think they are the best brand marketing of the year represent.

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