Adweeks Media All-Stars: 19 outstanding representatives of the agency who gracefully guided clients through the crisis

Ask about any agency what their greatest asset is and the answer will invariably be their employees. That has never been truer than in 2020, when customers were faced with critical questions about how to best reach out to consumers or fundamentally reinvent their business while responding to the pandemic. These marketers relied on agency partners for assistance, and media agencies played a particularly important role. In the early days of the pandemic, this meant a rush to track or cancel planned media purchases. In the months that followed, these agencies guided clients through the crisis with timely information on how consumers in different regions and industries were reacting, helping to redefine e-commerce capabilities and customer relationships. The agencies introduced new tools and practices in 2020 that will be crucial in the future. Talent increased on the occasion and worked tirelessly to deliver results to clients, even when the agencies were faced with crises of their own. Some stars shone particularly brightly, and Adweek is proud to recognize these talented individuals as our 2021 Media All-Stars. – Eric Oster

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