All about Instagram roles and the best way to use them for advertising

Inspired by the success of TikTok, Instagram created a feature that allows you to express a lot in a little. The timing was pretty good as it was around the time that TikTok was about to be banned for privacy reasons. As expected, this only added to his intrigue and increased the expectation of his publication.

Briefly about Instagram Reels

As of 2016, the popularity it has amassed has been phenomenal. The platform is primarily aimed at Gen Z and younger millennials and has more than 1 billion users worldwide. It's essentially the new Facebook. It's the perfect mix of entertainment and social learning. When used effectively, the platform can be a very good place to create awareness for any brand or company.

Brands that use IG roles

Some of the world's biggest brands like Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Sephora France and Red Bull France added Instagram Reels to their marketing strategies back in August. With almost every role from Vuitton going viral and getting more than 5 million views, this has been a huge hit for them. In the same way, each of the Sephora videos received over 300,000 views.

Instructions for use

When opening the Instagram app, you can access the roles feature when you open the camera section. From there you can access the option to create a role. When you select this feature, you can choose from many options. You can choose from several editing tools, such as: B. Music, Effects and Timers. There are tons of ways you can customize your video, record it in real time, or use a recorded video.

When you record the video, there is a bar at the top that shows how much time you have left. If you let go of the record button and you still have time, you can start recording again and the second part will play immediately after the first part finishes. After you have the videos created, you can also add some last minute effects like texts and stickers which are also available for Instagram stories.

After this entire process, slide the contents out and wait for it to appear. It will be available on your page in a section dedicated to Instagram Reels. Not only on your side, but also on the Explore page. Once it's out there, you can use Instagram's analytics feature to monitor how you are doing. That way, you can use the reception to determine what works well with the audience.

behaviour rules

Instagram has created a list of Do's and Don'ts to help all content creators create quality content. Each Instagram role can be anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds. What it does not contain, however, are the hours that lie behind those few seconds. The idea, scriptwriting and putting together is not easy. Developing just one idea can take hours as the time constraints that come with roles are a challenge in themselves. You need to make sure that you provide all the necessary information in this short period of time. Some of the items in the list have been given below:


  • Keep the content as fresh and authentic as possible.
  • Make use of the music and the available effects.
  • Stay up to date on the latest trends and events.
  • Be as quirky and creative as you can.
  • Try to include a twist or surprise towards the end.


  • No content that contains graphic violence or hates language.
  • Lack of a good story.
  • Do not use music that is not part of the music library without obtaining the appropriate license.

How is IG Reels different from other video marketing platforms?

Compared to other video marketing platforms like TikTok, Youtube, and others, Instagram roles are making waves in business right now. While they are currently focusing on a specific population group, they have shown a lot of potential. Not only is the feature a replacement for TikTok, it turns out to be much more than that depending on the reception.

While the brainstorming part can be a tiring part, when it comes to you and you have all of the elements in place, you can put Instagram roles together pretty quickly. In addition, they are an integral part of your company page as they don't go away like stories after 24 hours. So they can be used to segment your work so that people who visit your page can easily browse it to get an idea of ​​your work.

IG roles for marketing strategy

Including roles in your marketing strategy can be very helpful for you as they are trending right now. To create good content, you can always go through your competitors' publications and get inspiration from them. You can also take the help of Instagram Analytics to monitor how your Instagram roles are doing with people.

Try to create educational content so that your videos can convey some sort of message and also be entertaining. To get a head start, use the help of social media influencers to promote your content as they already have a large following and you can at least start from there. There can be different types of roles, e.g. B. Testimonials, product reviews and product launches, etc.

Drive the traffic through IG rollers

There are several ways to ensure that Instagram roles are generating organic traffic that will help increase sales and awareness of your work.

How to make great content for IG roles

  • Make it educational so it's not only fun but informative as well.
  • You can use them to conduct product reviews as well as case studies to get a better understanding of your company or brand.
  • Showing a little behind the scenes also never goes wrong as it gives deeper insight into your work and people can better connect with it.
  • Tell your story, how you started and why you wanted to start your business. Give transparency to your audience.

Brands already using IG roles

Although it received a lot of criticism during its launch, Instagram roles have been popular since its launch. In India, too, production houses like Dharma and Red Chillies, clothing platforms like Myntra and music channels like MTV are using this feature to maximize their reach.


When you are in the marketing business, the most important thing to remember is that you are always up to date with the latest trends. In the current scenario, the popularity of these roles on Instagram is unbeatable. Hence, you should make sure that it is included in your marketing strategy as it is sure to generate a lot of business. Since it is mostly the younger population group who also make up most of our country, you can't go wrong.

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