Apparently, "Sw ** t" is a naughty phrase within the Indignant Orchard marketing campaign

Sweet is apparently a curse word in Angry Orchard's latest campaign – so much so that the word is hidden in the latest ads.

The campaign is the first for Angry Orchard, Boston Beer’s popular hard cider brand, from Goodby Silverstein & Partners. It joins two other Boston Beer brands, Sam Adams and Truly Hard Seltzer, in the agency's portfolio.

The campaign's hero spot, "Grandma's Gathering," was directed by Craig Gillespie, best known for his work on the films I, Tonya and Lars and The Real Girl. When trying to keep it clean in front of the family, the word “sweet” is heard several times, including from the grandmother, while the family looks on in disbelief. It's obvious how the ad plays – it's a formula that was created earlier – but the payout is still very satisfactory in large part due to the talent.

In the second ad, chief cider maker Ryan Burk walks through an orchard and tells the camera how his cider is “naturally sw ** t”. There are a lot of beeps as he runs away in disgust that he beeps. This spot was shot in New York's Hudson Valley and directed by Ryan Scott, who has worked on brands like T-Mobile, VW and the (terrible) Philadelphia Eagles.

The "Sw ** t" campaign aims to show that Angry Orchard drinkers can take pride in the product's full-bodied, natural sweetness, while suggesting that other brands of cider may be too sweet.

"We enjoyed partnering with Angry Orchard in this new era celebrating those who love cider for its perfect balance of crunchy, refreshing sweetness while highlighting the hysteria surrounding sw ** t," said Kate Baynham, Creative Director of GSP.

"Angry Orchard's new campaign doesn't shy away from sweets, an ingredient in cider that our drinkers know and love," said Lesya Lysyj, director of marketing for the Boston Beer Company. "Instead, we use a groundbreaking mnemonic to give drinkers permission to adopt the positive sweet attribute in Angry Orchard, which brings a bold, natural taste with the best, real ingredients."

After taking over the Sam Adams and Truly brands in 2019, GSP brought a certain lightness to the beer brand with an unmistakable Beantown character, Your Cousin from Boston. The Angry Orchard campaign aims to bring light-hearted humor to the apple cider category.


CEO: Dave Burwick
Chief Marketing Officer: Lesya Lysyj
Marketing Director: Kelli McCusker
Associated Digital Marketing Manager: Ryan Dunn

Co-Chair: Jeff Goodby
Creative Director: Kate Bayhham
Creative director: Hanna Wittmark
Art Director: Edward King
Copywriter: Tajj Badil-Abish

Account services
Account Director: Rachel Stermer
Account Manager: Joey Schaefer

Brand and communication strategy
Brand Strategy Director: Harper Bokum-Fauth
Communications Strategy Director: Nicole Richards

Radio Production Manager: Leila Gage
Radio Executive Producer: Matt Flaker
Senior Broadcaster: Charlotte McConnell

Business matters
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Chrissy Shearer
Managing Director: Kristian Evanculla

Spot: Grandma's meeting
Production company
Company name: MJZ
Directed by Craig Gillespie

Audio and sound design company
Company name: Lime Studios
City of Sound Design Company: Los Angeles, CA.
Production manager: Susie Boyajan
Sound Designer: Joel Waters

VFX Company
Company name: Arcade
Production manager: CL Kumpata
Executive Producer: David Won

Company: A52
Colorist: Gregory Reese
Color producer: Jenny Bright

Spot: Ryan Burk
Production company: Draulhaus, LLC.
Director: Ryan Scott
Producer: John Carney
Co-Producer: Keenan Marshall
Co-Producer: Steve Jones
Assistant director: Ali Pensyl
Cinematographer: Matthew Noll
Production assistant: Alexandra Amic
Steadicam operator: Collin Welch
1st AC: Eurica Yu
2nd AC: Charles Parker
DIT: Richie Myers
Oberbeleuchter: Connor O’Mara
Key handle: Dan White
G&E Swing: Madeleine Bishop
G&E Swing: Ed DiJoseph
Sound mixer: Dominic Zapalla
Production Designer: Matthew Englebert
Editor-in-Chief: Keenan Marshall
Associate Editor: John Carney
Sound design: Ian Jolin Rasmussen

Colorist: Kath Raisch
Color producer: Anna Kelman

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