Arizona Coyotes' new advertising and marketing director goals to construct a model past hockey

After spending several years as Senior Marketing Manager at CBS Sports in the early 2010s, Tania Moreno is returning to her roots in sports marketing as the new Senior Vice President Marketing at Arizona Coyotes. In this role, Moreno will oversee all marketing and social media for the hockey club.

Through her numerous stops in her career, Moreno feels like she has gathered all the tools needed to take up her new position with the Coyotes, and Adweek says she works at CBS Sports social and digital marketing and Mattel (where she learned brand marketing from the brands Barbie and Hot Wheels) and retail at PetSmart.

"Tania has an impressive marketing background in a variety of industries," said Xavier Gutierrez, president and CEO of Arizona Coyotes, in a statement. "Your experience and leadership will help us to further expand our brand and make it a valuable addition to our team."

Moreno has only been on duty for a few days, but she said she already has some priorities. “How do we create this brand as something beyond the ice? How do we deepen our relationships with our current fans? “Said Moreno.

The team would like to expand the use of the Kachina logo, which fans consider to be a stylish symbol to be worn outside of a hockey setting. On Monday, the team unveiled a new alternative jersey featuring the Kachina, a tribute to the team's 1999 alternative jersey.

Arizona Coyotes

Moreno told Adweek that the club is also expanding its diversity and inclusivity initiatives to support underserved communities in the Phoenix area.

For the coming season, Moreno said the uncertainty has led the Coyotes to focus on other areas of revenue, including higher priority of goods as well as the introduction of a flexible spending plan that gives fans more options to participate in games of their choice.

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