Dennis Yu's prediction for 2021: the way forward for Fb

I have a prediction.

In 2021, Facebook will be brought to its knees like Ma Bell (with Instagram and WhatsApp, which have self-outsourced). The resulting exodus of unhappy advertisers will flee into the willing arms of TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and good ol 'search engine optimization.

And the smart marketers will be reusing content in some clever ways that we're going to discuss here.

Facebook spent $ 10.5 billion in legal bills in 2019 alone. Still a fraction of the $ 70 billion ad revenue that turned them into a net profit of $ 18.4 billion. They seemed invincible.

Until they weren't.

Unable to solve growing content moderation problems, the government is treating Facebook like a publisher (The New York Times), not a tech company that allows social blogging (WordPress).

I assume everything will collapse in 2021. Mr. "Senator, we're running ads" cannot be as angry with Apple and protect Facebook as the protector of small businesses. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's COO, has decided they will automate rather than hire more people to provide support.

Marketers take the content they created for Facebook and use it for all other channels. It turns out that vertical short video is a common ingredient even on YouTube (see the YouTube short format).

To test this out, I had virtual assistants turn most of my Facebook posts into blog posts. See, this has generated 7,000 new visits in the last 3 months without any additional effort.

My blog now has 1,488 pages.

Tell me, when was the last time you saw a Facebook post in Google search results?

About as often as Google search results appear in the Facebook news feed – or as often as the Honda CEO drives a Toyota.

HACK # 1: Post Social Media Content on Your Website (and Vice Versa)

The worlds of search and the social are invisible to one another. In order to, Hack # 1 is to copy content from one world and publish it in another. There are WordPress plugins that do this automatically, but I like to be picky about page titles that are just as important as the article itself.

This is not synonymous with the trend of embedding the top Reddit stories on Facebook or syndicating news content.

Because this is your content and does not trigger a penalty for duplicate content on Google. Remember that anything on the web that is easily visible to Google cannot be copied and is not limited to blog posts and websites. The engine is smart enough to convert most videos to text (see YouTube's automatic captioning).

Take, for example, my friend Kaci Madden, a San Diego chiropractor. She started opening $ 100 tabs in local restaurants. The local TV station posted about it on its Facebook page.

However, the broadcaster also posted it on their website so you don't want to cross-post this. The news broadcaster has a domain rank of 81 while it only has a DR of 32. Guess who would be hit with a penalty for duplicate SEO content?

HACK # 2: Cross-post on Twitter, the internet's most popular dump.

If you post on most social networks, you can automatically post to Twitter at the same time. Instagram is my favorite in this regard as I can post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time. And I can increase all 3 of these resulting posts!

Twitter purists will disapprove of this (marketers ruin everything, I know) – but check out the 14,000 tweets on my account …

How many of them do you think I actually posted natively on Twitter instead of automatically cross-posting from another channel?

HACK # 3: Turn Video Transcription into a Blog Post

You can transcribe via, the integration of in Frame, Descript or any other tool of your choice.

I happen to like Descript because it has a feature called Overdub that allows you to edit / add the audio of a video.

Facebook popularized social videos (not Snapchat, YouTube, or Instagram). But because they were too proud and grinning at the government ordinance, they will be regulated in 2021.

Savvy marketers like us, who don't want to be caught with all our eggs in one basket, will be converting those assets to other channels.

You will see more automation and a continuation of the oversaturated area for marketing tools. But the real winners are people who produce thoughtful short vertical videos and edit, crossover, and boost VAs to get more sales.

And that work will be on you, the marketer. Automation is unable to slice your 30 minute long form video (for YouTube) into 4: 3 Facebook posts, 15 second Instagram stories, quote cards on Twitter, or blog posts on your page.

Automation can't quite write your headline or ad copy yet. So it's up to you to prepare for the upcoming Facebook breakup. And you can use these 3 hacks to get yourself ready.

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