Don't be ashamed, says this hilarious advert for a Chicago Med Spa

They're naturally beautiful, so you don't need tweaks like makeup outlines, celebrity-backed potions, or cosmetic procedures. That may be true, says the star of a hilarious new ad, but there's no shame in tweaking here and there when it suits you.

And until the first campaign for a chain of medical treatment centers in Chicago, there should be no guilt.

Images Med Spa is a lengthy commercial aimed directly at haters and critics of procedures like botox injections, challenging the scars and derogatory comments from its clients.

The no-nonsense protagonist argues that #WokeUpLikeThis is a social media construct that is usually far from the truth. After a couple of tough selters and a 5:30 am wake-up call from a screaming baby, she shows viewers what she really looks like and it's not exactly ready for the runway.

For many women, there are products and procedures like hair dyes, bronzing powders and teeth straightening that go into the overall aesthetic every day, she says.

She is not suggesting that women should try to look like "an alien breed of social media sex dolls for cat ladies". Or that someone should bow to patriarchy and the manufactured beauty-industrial complex.

At the same time: "We should be able to look good without having the feeling that we are doing arms deals in back alleys on Soviet soil." She says this while hiding behind a trench coat, oversized glasses, and a headscarf to get her botox appointment.

The ad's slogan is "We feel good when we look good".

The work comes from Chicago startup Quality Meats, the agency behind one of the summer's biggest viral stunts for popular local restaurant Wiener & # 39; s Circle.

After this project went online – the famously cheeky and mundane hot dog stand offered "roadside abuse" according to social distancing instructions – Images Med Spa reached out to Quality Meats.

A bold message in the category

"We were a little unsure about taking the job," said Gordy Sang, the agency's co-founder. “However, based on our conversations, they seemed ready and willing to do something bold for the category and speak for it. We knew the risks and that was exactly what was exciting about the opportunity. "

With five locations in the Chicago area and 70 women and two men, Images was looking for an empowering message.

"Beauty shouldn't be defined by what others think," said Brittany Murawski, Images design director. "It's a feeling, and we're the ones who feel it, so no one else should tell us how to achieve it."

And while lip balms, Brazilian blowouts, and tinted moisturizers are considered acceptable, botox "crosses an invisible line of not being natural enough, which is silly because most of the things we do to look" naturally beautiful "are not natural "Said Lauren Langfield, Images & # 39; vp of marketing, who stated that" removing some wrinkles is taboo ".

Quality Meats worked closely with the women-centric brand on the script, using a producer, and partnering with a women-run production company for the September shoot.

Positive reception of women

"When you think of Med-Spa ads, most of it feels like something you'd see on a hotel room TV menu screen," Langfield said. "We wanted to create something that could break through, feel reliable and accessible, and hopefully have real conversations."

Judging by the early reaction, women agree with the myth of the 2 minute video. The social campaign, which runs mostly on Instagram, has had more than 500,000 views with mostly positive comments and engagement. The work increased the spa's Instagram following by 50%. Beauty influencers, various Housewives, Selling Sunset and Very Cavallari stars share and discuss them organically.

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