Easy methods to Decide the Good Viewers for Fb Adverts – With Examples

As the most popular and largest of all social networks worldwide, Facebook has seen steady growth in its users with an increase of 11% over the previous year. With a variety of digital advertising targeting options, Facebook Ads is the leading platform for marketing. This makes Facebook the best tool for promoting your product. However, if you want to invest in Facebook Ads, make sure you know what you are doing and how to choose your perfect audience. Not only can you invest in Facebook ads, but you can also make money from it. In this article you will discover

  • Why Facebook Ads Are More Effective
  • Why targeting is the key to a successful advertising campaign
  • What are the different ways to target a perfect Facebook advertising audience?

What Makes Facebook Ads More Effective?

Facebook is the best advertising platform where it offers endless benefits with little investment. With nearly two and a half billion active users per month, you can target any type of niche here while doubling your business growth. The targeting options for Facebook ads are enormous, as it allows you to narrow your target audience enough to find the best marketing strategies and turn your visitors into buyers.

Why is targeting the key to a successful advertising campaign?

Big brands have different types of customers that are really difficult to find the perfect audience for their marketing campaign. Now, the best thing about Facebook ads is that they have the best targeting options. Showing your ads directly to audiences will help you develop the most effective marketing strategy and get the best leads who will become your customers in no time. And even if you know who your target group is, you can find out what is good and what is bad about your products or services, which will help you to improve your business.

Opportunities to reach perfect audiences for Facebook advertising

Targeting the perfect audience will help you determine where your ads are showing. But it's hard to find the perfect audience here. And like I said, there are nearly two and a half billion active users on Facebook every month. It's hard to understand who your audience is and it will be a waste of money and time if you don't convert them to your customers. If you want information about the ads shown, use the Facebook Ads Library. Here are the different types of Facebook ads and the best ways to know how to target, who to target, and how to find the perfect ones.

Target audience based on age, area and personality

Here are three different types of alignment. This is the first step in choosing your target audience.

Demographics These include age, marital status, employment, education and income. geography means to aim for a person's location and display the content or product by their location. Psychography target a person's personality, attitudes, interests and lifestyles.

example: If your company is about teaching children online and the course fee is high.


  • Age: 28-40 years
  • Relationship status: Married
  • Income: high


  • It can be set by pincode or specific states or countries
  • This is where you need to limit your audience as much as possible
  • Country> State> Rich Cities> Expensive Residential Areas> Pin Code


  • Unusual vacation
  • Luxury apartments
  • Frequent travel on flights
  • Frequent visits to salons
  • extreme sports

Target audience based on engagement

Facebook allows advertisers to create ads based on audience engagement. Below is information on how to target audience based on engagement with your content. Learn more about creating Facebook ads in Facebook Ads Manager.

People who have visited your page
If you run a local restaurant, you can run a Facebook ad campaign to get discounts and ask them to contact you directly to make a reservation.

People who have dealt with your post or ad
If you run an online business, you can run a Facebook retargeting campaign to generate sales.

People who clicked your call to action
If you have an ecommerce business and your CTA is Add To Cart, you can target people who clicked on it but didn't purchase.

Target audience looking for a similar product
Facebook can identify who has already searched for your product and target it specifically. This is useful if your competitor's websites are still being searched for your product. And now think about what happens when you are shown your product with a deal or discount.

Example: I.If you sell high quality furniture like dining tables, you might want to run an ad like Modern Dining Tables For Sale. Up to 40% discount. You can do this in the Facebook Ads Behavior section.

Target parents with preschoolers

This option is available in the Demographics section. You can address parents with children.

Example: This can be useful if you have a business like a children's clinic or if you sell children's products.

The target group are frequent travelers

Facebook Ads also gives you the option to choose people who travel frequently. Various options are available here

  • All frequent travelers
  • Business travelers
  • commuter
  • Currently traveling
  • Frequent international travelers
  • Back from the trip 1 week ago
  • Returned from trip 2 weeks ago
  • Used travel app (1 month)
  • Used travel app (2 weeks)

Example: Most tour operators use this, but it can be used for many other different options such as: B. for people who are rich or have a job that requires travel. So you can use this for different companies such as B. if you have a rich e-commerce business.

Target group Who got a new job?

You can also address people who have got a new job. A new job means more income if most people prefer to buy new clothes, new shoes, etc. Are you looking for a new job? That is why digital marketing is the best career option for you. Here, Facebook ads are placed based on cookies.

Example: People who recently got a new job could buy new clothes which would be best for businesses like online shopping stores.

Target audience based on house value

This is another option that is slightly different from targeting people based on their income. If you target both audiences, you have a better chance of selling high-end products that easily.

Example: These target groups are more suitable for premium products. This option is useful for people who have stores like Home and Decor and also luxury restaurants.

The target group are people with long-distance relationships

Many people are in long-distance relationships. Now imagine if it was your partner’s birthday today and you only remembered it on the same day. What if you want to send your partner a gift now? Now imagine that there is an advertisement for same-day gift delivery.

Example: Gift stores are useful for gift shops and can also be used for other options like upcoming celebrations


Facebook ads are much more effective when done right. There are enormous choices. Thinking about narrowing too deep will keep your audience to a minimum. Remember that 1000 visitors with 600 conversions is better than 2000 visitors with 400 conversions. You will see the profits in no time. Learn more about Facebook ads.

Which targeting option gave you the best ROI?

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