Fb acquires CRM platform Kustomer

The Kustomer team – including co-founders Brad Birnbaum and Jeremy Suriel – will join Facebook, and Kustomer will continue to operate its platform and serve its customers.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The Kustomer platform brings customer service calls from multiple channels together on a single screen, allowing customer service reps to automate repetitive tasks so they can focus on the interactions where they are most needed.

Facebook vice president of ads and business products Dan Levy and Matt Idema, chief operating officer of WhatsApp, said in a newsroom post on Monday that the social network will provide resources to Kustomer to scale its business and product offerings to improve and innovate. Facebook will continue to support the many CRM platform options available to businesses through their messaging services.

Facebook said that Kustomer customers will continue to own the data from customer interactions, adding that the company eventually expects to host Kustomer data on a secure Facebook infrastructure. From this point onwards, Facebook will act as a service provider on the instructions of its business customers.

Levy and Idema clarified: "While Facebook does not automatically use Kustomer data to inform the advertisements a user sees, companies have the option to use their data at Kustomer for their own marketing purposes, including separate advertising services on Facebook."

CEO Birnbaum wrote in a Kustomer blog post: “After the acquisition is complete, we look forward to working closely with Facebook, where we will continue to serve our customers and work with our partners as part of the Facebook family. With our complementary functions, we can help more people benefit from customer service that is faster, more comprehensive and available when and how they need it – by phone, email, text, web chat or messaging. In particular, we look forward to improving the messaging experience. This is one of the fastest growing ways for people and businesses to get involved. "

And Levy and Idema wrote in the newsroom post: "As companies adapt to an evolving digital environment, they are looking for solutions that put people first, especially when it comes to communication. Every company knows it has to ring when the phone rings. Text and messages have become just as important as that call – and companies have to adapt. We have witnessed this shift first hand as more than 175 million people contact companies via WhatsApp every day. That number is growing because Messaging offers a better overall customer experience and increases sales for companies. "

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