Fb particulars Adjustments to Messenger through the Fb API

Facebook has made detailed changes to the Messenger From Facebook API (application programming interface), which will go into effect in Europe on December 16, to comply with the new data protection regulations.

The social network said features that will no longer be available through the Messenger API include: persistent menu; one-time notification; some templates (such as airline and receipt) and audio / video attachments; and some templates and buttons on the web (such as generic and buttons).

Features that will continue to be available after December 16, include: sending and receiving text messages and pictures; the Get Started button; Icebreaker and quick responses; the general templates, button and media templates for Android and iOS only; the URL, Postback and Call buttons for Android and iOS only; private answers; m.me links; the Message Us plugin; Webview; and the handover protocol for messengers.

Facebook said some metrics will no longer be available to developers who also use the Instagram Graph API.

The social network wrote in a blog post on Friday: “Before these changes are released on December 16, we encourage developers to update their experiences that may be affected by these changes, such as: B. Those that support sites in Europe or sites that receive a significant volume of messages from people in Europe – to use available features instead … We understand that compliance requires changes to our product experiences and we are committed to our Support partners during this process. We're working hard to bring features back and will provide an update when these features are available again in the future. "

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