How protection of election evening 2020 on tv will look totally different than 2016

After years of building, election day 2020 is almost here. TVNewser Senior Editor A.J. Katz has spent the last week talking about her plans with the executives responsible for election night programming in almost all of the major networks.

Here are the highlights of those conversations (the full interviews can be found on TVNewser), including how the coverage will be different from 2016 and what it will do if the presidential elections don't happen Tuesday night – and maybe not for days or weeks after:

Fox News Channel (Alan Komissaroff, SVP for News and Politics)

How will the coverage of election night 2020 be different:

“Election night is our Super Bowl, so we try to outdo each other on each cycle. This year we've got some really impressive graphics, including augmented reality racing boards on set and a hyper-realistic 3D model of the White House made by the same company that designed Fortnite. In the end, however, we want to clearly and concisely display all returns to the viewer. We also have some elements that our viewers are used to including Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum, Chris Wallace and all of our top analysts. Bill Hemmer on Billboard and Shannon Bream on voter analysis. This year Harris Faulkner is also speaking to a group of voters from across the country. "

If the presidential race isn't called Tuesday night:

“We're a 24-hour news channel so we're always ready to keep up with the story. We do that. Our coverage of election night has no end time. We are ready to cover the elections for as long as possible – and even a little longer. "

MSNBC (Senior Producer Pat Burkey)

How will the coverage of election night 2020 be different:

“You can expect more of what our viewers love about our special coverage this election cycle: Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow, along with Nicolle Wallace and Joy Reid, will anchor in the studio all night. We've expanded our studio to safely accommodate everyone at 30 Rock on Election Night – obviously much wider than 2016. Our MVP, Steve Kornacki, will be on the board, examining the numbers when they join. Yes, Kornacki Cam is back. If Kornacki learns something, we all know.

Speaking of numbers, we've been trying to improve the number of votes we have this year. We've added a number to the screen that shows the expected number of votes in each state so viewers have a better idea of ​​how many votes are outstanding. We hope it's a little more transparent. "

If the presidential race isn't called Tuesday night:

"Although we cannot predict what will happen when, we are prepared for election night as well as after." We are busy and will continue to treat the latest developments as aggressively as possible. For example, we have strengthened our team of electoral law experts, led by Ari Melber, including vote counting experts and those who can help us figure out the most complicated and unpredictable storylines and how they might develop from state to state. They are all on call and ready to help us explain scenarios we can't even imagine. "

ABC (Marc Burstein, executive producer of ABC News Special Events)

How will the coverage of election night 2020 be different:

“Viewers will see the same intelligent, fair and deep coverage from a brilliant team. But of course there will also be a stronger focus on the number of votes cast by post or in person before November 3rd. "

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