Methods to get probably the most out of your Google AdWords PPC technique

30 second summary:

  • PPC advertising is an extremely effective way of attracting potential customers to websites, sales pages, or blogs.
  • Although PPC can consume some parts of your budget, there are important benefits to this practice.
  • Did you know that 92% of all keywords entered into search engines are long tails?
  • This article gives you a brief overview of the advantages of a PPC strategy, the most important requirements for PPC advertising via Google AdWords, elements of attractive and effective PPC ads, and further information on how to optimize your PPC strategy for Google Adwords.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is an important part of online marketing. Advertisers can use certain strategies to maximize the return on their PPC marketing. PPC advertising is an extremely effective way of attracting potential customers to websites, sales pages, or blogs. Digital marketers can choose between Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or Bing Ads. Most online marketers, however, prefer to use Google AdWords for their PPC strategy because their ads are served on Google SERPs.

A. Benefits of PPC Advertising for Google Ads

Although PPC marketing costs money, it has five key benefits:

1. Convenience and speed

Advertisers can set up their PPC advertising campaigns easily and quickly. With the help of PPC ads, they can target their potential customers precisely and get results almost instantly. According to Neil Patel, SEO expert and co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar:

"With PPC, you can drive traffic to your website in hours, not months."

2. Adaptability

Ad text, keywords and other elements of PPC ads can be continuously optimized to optimize and maximize their effectiveness.

3. Economy

Google AdWords only charges advertisers when their ads are clicked, not just when ads are shown.

4. Budget flexibility

Advertisers can decide on the budget of their PPC campaign as there is no minimum spend on Google AdWords. For example, they can set a maximum daily budget of $ 20 and a maximum cost of 20 cents for each click on their ad, which they can change at any time.

5. Predictability

With a PPC campaign, digital marketers can easily predict the number of their visitors based on their spend. The search engine algorithm plays a lesser role. In one of his PPC articles, Neil Patel stated:

“Spend more, get more visitors. If you want exactly 10,000 visitors, you can get exactly 10,000 visitors ",

Despite all of these benefits of Google Ads PPC advertising, first-time digital marketers should be vigilant as they may lose a lot of their invested money if they ever fail to properly set up their PPC marketing campaigns.

B. Preparation Before Starting a Google Ads PPC Campaign

The first thing new marketers should do is read the Google Adwords Getting Started Guide carefully, which has a huge amount of useful information in it. Next, they should use the Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool and create a comprehensive list of relevant keywords for their product or service.

Use of long-tail keyword phrases

Because the price per click of PPC ads is determined by competitive bids on search terms, popular search terms such as "insurance," "smoking cessation," and "weight loss" cost several dollars for the top three positions in search results. On the other hand, long-tail keywords are phrases that are not searched for very often but are more likely to be used by buyers.

Ahrefs reports that 92% of all keywords get 10 or fewer searches per month. In other words, 92% of all keywords entered into search engines are long tails.

C. Elements of Attractive and Effective PPC Ads

Well-written ads are critical to the success of a Google Ads PPC strategy. You should highlight the main benefit of the product or service so that potential customers will click on it.

Marketers should also include the following elements in their ads:

1. The price of the product

People who see the price of the product and still click the ad are more likely to buy the product. If they think the price is too high, they may not click the ad and save the cost of that click.

2. A strong call to action

Certain calls to action such as “Buy,” “Buy,” “Call Today,” “Sign Up,” and “Order” ensure that prospects understand what is expected of them after they click the ad.

3. The best performing keyword, preferably in the title of the ad

Whenever people enter that keyword and see the ad, the keyword phrase will appear in bold in the ad on the Google search page. This will draw their attention to the display.

4. The URL of the specific page on the website where the product is located

If people who click the ad don't find the product on this page, they'll likely quit and click another ad.

D. Fine-tune PPC management to increase profitability

Advertisers can experiment with different offers, calls to action, and test multiple ads. Google AdWords automatically rotates ads within the ad group and shows the better performing ones more often. You can remove keywords that are not getting enough clicks and replace them with others. They can also decrease or increase the maximum cost per click and review the impact on the performance of their ads.

E. Additional strategies to increase the cost effectiveness of your PPC marketing for Google Ads

Submit negative keywords

Advertisers should make a list of keywords that will cause their ads to show but are not related to their product. After that, they should submit them as negative keywords by placing a negative sign in front of those keywords. This way, they ensure that anyone who uses those keywords won't see the ad. For example, if the product is about how to quit smoking, advertisers should rule out anything like "smoking chimneys" or other sources of smoke!

"Some keywords may have a completely different user intent and result in clicks that bounce off immediately but don't turn into a conversion."

Explained SEO expert Rinko de Jong in an email interview.

“This could also result in ad impressions that don't result in clicks. Either of these can lower the Quality Score of your ad, which has a negative impact on your ad placement and cost per click, ”he added.

Ads are not allowed to appear on the websites of Google content network partners

Clicks from these websites are typically of lower quality than those from search results because they are from people who search that website rather than people who are actively searching for the advertiser's product. So those clicks can result in fewer sales, but they definitely cost the same.

Pay Per Click Marketing has the potential to drive a steady stream of visitors to partner websites, sales pages, or websites, resulting in higher sales and profits when properly set up and constantly monitored.

Jacob M. is a copywriter, marketing blogger, and inbound marketing consultant.

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