My mantra: Deutschs Val DiFebo concerning the energy of "sure"

In one of the strangest references to marketing in the entertainment industry, a line in the 1995 film Tommy Boy sounds right. Speaking to customers, Big Tom (played by the late Brian Dennehy) says, "Why say no when it feels so good to say yes?"

This spirit of “yes” drives the German New York CEO Val DiFebo and is an essential mantra that she follows in her daily life. It is so noticeable that a large neon sign with the word greets people when they walk into their office.

The Di Febo Philosophy is the first of several lessons in Adweek's first installment of "My Mantra," a new video series that asks marketing and advertising leaders what motivates them.

When it starts with such a positive, people are given "the permission and the right and the power to do the things they want". DiFebo, a longtime practitioner of positive leadership, believes this empowering approach enables people to feel an investment in their future.

For DiFebo, it's not about saying “yes” for no good reason. Sometimes people may not be ready for confirmation. In either case, it guides, teaches and encourages the agency's talent for thinking through the problem at hand first.

Then when the magic word is pronounced it becomes more powerful for everyone.

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