Reddit adopts a versatile mannequin for the way forward for its workforce

Reddit shared details of options available to its employees on the other side of the coronavirus pandemic.

The company wrote in a blog post: “Earlier this year, Reddit had to move on with the unexpected challenge of being 100% away. Our employees – or Snoos as we know them – have adapted to the occasion, adapting our business and the way we work together quickly to make Reddit stronger on the other. Evolve is one of our company values ​​and we have always challenged ourselves to continuously improve our culture and work experience. "

Reddit added, “Looking ahead, we want to meet the needs of our employees so they can do their best job, especially in times of uncertainty. And while we fulfill our mission to create belonging for all people in the world, we want Reddit to be positioned as a workforce as diverse as its ecosystem of communities and users. "

The company said that going forward, teams and team members will have the flexibility to work in the office, remotely, or a combination of both, with the exception of roles that must be performed in the office or specific geographic locations such as facilities and information technology support.

For team members looking to move away from Reddit offices, the company said it will aid the move if they can be effective remotely.

Unlike some other companies in the sector, Reddit won't adjust salaries based on where its employees live, and will tie its compensation to pay ranges in high-cost areas like New York and San Francisco.

The company said, “We believe this is the right balance between flexibility and support for employees, and we recognize the different tradeoffs people make when deciding where to live. Internationally we had a salary range per country and now the US will follow that approach. "

According to Reddit, when employees walk into the office, adding elements like casual and coffee shop-style seating, private spaces, larger bookable resources and collaboration spaces, and eliminating fixed desks is "a reinterpretation of the future of our office space."

The company is focused on creating processes, workflows, and a culture that support the distribution and removal of employees.

Reddit said the potential benefits of this new approach are in attracting top talent by eliminating the need to relocate employees, potentially increasing workforce diversity, promoting employee engagement and productivity, and better managing existing office space.

Potential downsides include not being physically together that often, but Reddit believes the pros will outweigh the cons.

The company wrote, “As our teams become more dispersed, we will learn a lot about the impact this model has on our performance as a company. We will not be afraid to continuously adapt and develop our philosophy, programs and processes of the workforce. 2020 is an unprecedented year, and we firmly believe that for the foreseeable future, Reddit is the right thing to do to provide flexible working arrangements for our current and future snoos. "

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