Right here's how you can use a Pinterest scheduler to make your job simpler

For brands trying to reach customers who are interested in trying new things, making purchases, or starting new projects, Pinterest could be a great platform for your brand to use. And that also means a Pinterest scheduler is essential.

Using Pinterest for business makes more sense than ever. In fact, 459 million people have been using Pinterest every month since February 2021 and more than 200 billion Pins have been saved.

Reaching your brand's audience with engaging content requires thought. It requires consistent publication. It requires a carefully planned Pinterest marketing strategy. And that means don't post whenever you remember.

Read on to learn:

  • Why you should use a Pinterest scheduler
  • The best free Pinterest scheduler tools out there (and some great paid Pinterest scheduler tools, too)
  • How to Schedule Pinterest Posts and How to See Scheduled Pins on Pinterest
  • Top tips to keep in mind while planning

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Why use a Pinterest scheduler at all?

A Pinterest planner is the best way to help plan long-term content for your social media content calendar, stay organized, and save time. No more pressing "Send" 25 times!

Your marketing calendar should include daily Pins. (Pins are posts in the Pinterest language, by the way.) And you should post at the optimal times. This is the way to reach your audience when they are online and using the platform.

This varies from brand to brand. So keep track of your Pinterest stats to see what days and times your brand is best at posting content. Then use a Pinterest planner to get your Pins published at those peak times for the highest levels of engagement.

3 Pinterest schedulers to know

Trying to decide which Pinterest planner is best for your brand?

Read on to find some of the best free Pinterest planning tools – and some great paid Pinterest planning options too.


If your brand only uses Pinterest, the platform itself is the best free Pinterest planner out there. Scheduling Pins natively, especially if you don't need to consider scheduling posts for other platforms, can come in handy.

Here are some other things you should know about this scheduler:

  • You need a business account on Pinterest to be able to plan Pins.
  • You can schedule Pins to post on desktop or on iOS.
  • Only one pin can be planned at a time.
  • It is possible to plan up to two weeks in advance and schedule 30 pins.


If your brand uses between one and three social media platforms, Hootsuite is also a free Pinterest planner.

If you're using Hootsuite's built-in dashboard, you'll see your Scheduled Pins alongside scheduled posts for your other social platforms. The dashboard makes it easy to view, edit, and delete Pins.

If your brand uses more than three platforms or wants more planning benefits like unlimited planning and analysis, consider upgrading to the Professional, Team, or Business plan.

Using Hootsuite as a Pinterest planner means:

  • You can put together new pins, schedule them for later, create new boards, and pin them to multiple boards at once.
  • You can Bulk schedule pins as far in the future as you want.
  • Paid Hootsuite plans mean teams can work together more easily. You can Send Pins to a manager for approval before posting to make sure everything is correct and branded.
  • Hootsuite paid plans include Hootsuite analytics to help you do this See how your pins work.

For more information on Pinterest planning with Hootsuite, please visit:


As a planner, Tailwind is limited to Pinterest and Instagram. (Want to learn how to schedule Instagram posts? We have you.)

However, it does offer several features that are specifically tailored to Pinterest and are worth considering:

  • Tailwind can measure your audience's engagement and its SmartSchedule suggests the best times to post.
  • It can sync pins with Instagram.
  • You can schedule pins with a browser extension.
  • Collaborate with other Pinterest users through Tailwind Communities.
  • There is a free trial version with no time limit. This limits the number of pins you can plan to 100.
  • And there are monthly or yearly options. The paid option offers unlimited pin planning.

This Pinterest scheduler can also be integrated with Hootsuite. This integration makes it easy to manage your editorial calendar, pin it to multiple boards at once, save draft pins, and more.

Source: Hootsuite

How to schedule Pinterest posts

Here's how to plan Pins for your brand.

Remember, scheduling Pins is different from creating Pinterest ads. You can find more information here.

How to schedule Pins with Pinterest

To schedule Pins natively:

Step 1: Sign in to your Pinterest account

You need a Pinterest Business account to schedule Pins. If you don't have a Pinterest Business account and you still use a personal account, you'll need to upgrade.

Step 2: Click Create from the drop-down menu in the top left

And choose Create Pin.

Create Pin drop-down menu

Step 3: Add all the details for your PIN

First select the map on which this pin should be displayed. If an existing map doesn't work, you can also create a new map here.

Add a title, description, and alt text to help screen reader users understand the shared image.

Also, share the link the pin is connected to and add an eye-catching picture. Pinterest recommends that your Pinterest images use an aspect ratio of 2: 3.

Croissants bread and baking board

Step 4: Choose when to publish

If you plan, choose Publish at a Later Time.

Step 5: Select the day and time for the pin to be published

Remember that you can only plan within 14 days of the current date.

Plan the best croissant board for February 2021

Step 6: Click Publish

Pin planned

When you click "Show Scheduled Pins" you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Scheduled Pins Page

How to schedule pins with Hootsuite

To schedule Pins with the Hootsuite Pinterest scheduler:

Step 1: After signing in to Hootsuite, hover your mouse pointer over the Create icon

Then select Create Pin.

Hootsuite Publisher Create Pin

Step 2: Add all the details for your PIN

Select which board this pin should be displayed on, make the pin appear on more than on board or create a new board.

Write a description, add the website link and add the eye-catching picture.

Plants & Home Pin Details

Step 3: edit the picture

You can optimize the selected photo using the photo editor built into Hootsuite. Edit color, contrast and more and choose the ideal size. Hootsuite recommends the ideal aspect ratios for each social platform.

Edit image of plants

Step 4: Click Schedule For Later

Plan on planting pin for later

Step 5: Choose the ideal date and time

Select the date and time

Step 6: Click on Schedule

Selecting the drop-down arrow next to Schedule will bring up options to save the PIN as a draft, schedule and reuse accounts, or schedule and duplicate the post.

Schedule Plants Pin on Hootsuite

How to See Scheduled Pins on Pinterest

View your planned Pins on Pinterest by selecting the Pins tab on your profile.

You can also enter the url to find your planned Pins:


You can edit your planned PIN by clicking anywhere. Or click on the three dots to delete the pin or choose to publish it immediately.

planned pins on Pinterest tab

If you want to know how Scheduled Pins are displayed in Hootsuite, all you have to do is click your way to the Hootsuite Publisher.

In the planner view – which is just a calendar view – you can see your planned PIN by navigating to the day and time that you have scheduled your PIN to be published. It will show up with other Pins you have planned and with other planned posts for other social platforms.

Hootsuite Planner Scheduled Pins

In the content view, navigate to Schedule to see all of your scheduled Pins in a list format.

Hootsuite content view List of Pins

5 Pinterest Plans Best Practices You Should Know Before You Begin

Know your audience

Don't guess.

Keep track of the schedule by following the Pinterest analytics. You will see which Pins are the most popular, what topics the audience finds interesting, and what is pinned from your website. As you identify popular content, plan to pin similar content and create new boards around this engaging topic.

Tracking analytics simply helps your brand develop an effective Pinterest marketing strategy. And don't do it just once – keep analyzing this data!

Don't schedule pins all once

Don't put the Pins that you post regularly in pieces. Plan to schedule Pins all day and all week.

If you keep an eye on your Pinterest analytics, you will also know the best times and days to post, and when to include Pins in your social media content calendar.

Don't plan too far in advance

The world is moving fast. If you are planning something months in advance, the pin you are planning may not be relevant at the time of the actual release date. Instead, try to plan Pins just a few days or a week in advance.

Always edit and review your Pins as you plan

To improve the visibility of the Pins on Pinterest Search, make sure you always include a description of the Pin to provide context.

Then edit this description. Also, make sure you have included keywords and that the description is grammatically correct and free of typos before posting.

And it's not just the words that you want to check out. Make sure the pin you are planning is posted on the correct board and that you have included the correct link.

By reviewing during the planning phase, your brand can avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Review your image display as you plan

Finally, check how your picture will appear. Planning means seeing if the image looks pixelated or if Pinterest is cutting out an important part of the image if you haven't chosen a 2: 3 ratio.

Using a Pinterest scheduler will not only make content posting more efficient, it will also improve your Pinterest marketing strategy. Pinterest planners often provide critical data and analytics to your brand, and it's easy to see when content is scheduled to be published. Not only can you use Pinterest planning tools to reach your target audience, but you can grow them too.

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