Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman flip their feud right into a charity battle at Sam & # 39; s Membership

Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have fostered a long-standing, good-natured rivalry that has been a marketing boon for the brands they own – namely Aviation Gin and Laughing Man Coffee.

Now, for the first time, the Faux Fracas is broadcasting into mainstream retail and the two are launching a charity sales contest through Sam & # 39; s Club.

From today through December 20th, any Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee or Reynolds & # 39; Aviation Gin purchases at Sam & # 39; s Club will count as a "vote" in favor of that star. Sam & # 39; s Club will then make a donation to Team Hugh's Laughing Man Foundation to support sustainable coffee growing practices around the world and to Team Ryan's selection of the Canada-based SickKids Foundation.

While the vibe is definitely part of a sales and / or popularity contest, the winner only claims boastful rights as Sam & # 39; s club plans to donate the same undisclosed amount to both charities. (This is especially good news for Team Ryan as Aviation Gin is only legally available for purchase at one Sam & # 39; s club in 24 states due to different laws governing the sale of liquor.)

On a microsite for “The Feud” fans can make their selection without buying and participate in order to win a virtual party with both stars.

The carefree competition is advertised on both actors' social media feeds with two videos created by Maximum Effort and Escape Velocity:

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