Showcase IDX Product Review

Have you been looking for a comprehensive property search tool engine or IDX plugin?

Many property search websites and tools promise accurate results without the specific search tools both consumers and Realtors are looking for. However, Showcase IDX provides buyers and sellers the search tools they expect with the best IDX technology available. Showcase IDX has built a unique set of proprietary tools designed to engage real estate agent website visitors with many options for agents to capture clients more efficiently. Unlike other IDX plugins, Showcase IDX places value on the customer’s website with modern search tools buyers expert for their local target market.

Whereas most IDX vendors and search tool providers have the ability to display listings, Showcase IDX is powered by an advanced map-based searching ability with detailed MLS features that provide the necessary information required by any client. The fully integrated map is optimized for a seamless mobile experience for Realtors’ websites.

Smart marketers know that changing consumer behavior is next to impossible. That is one of the reasons that while the ability to get a consumer to download a new app is difficult it’s much more difficult to get consumers to use a new app more than a few times. While some MLSs and agents try pushing homebuyers to download a new app, this is a path of difficult resistance with a high chance of failure. Having a mobile-friendly website that provides the same or better experience as on a laptop (or desktop) is the modern way to meet homebuyers’ needs, and agents get that with a website powered by Showcase IDX.

In addition, the search tools can be automated for personalized, dedicated content in your client’s specific niche. Showcase IDX is constantly updated every 15 minutes for most of the MLSs. They are strong supporters of the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) and several members of their teamwork in their spare time to assist local MLSs and Realtor associations to improve their offerings in an effort to help improve the industry.

You can also customize the look and feel of your search tool for a professional and seamless design that is attractive for your prospects and existing visitors. One unique aspect of Showcase IDX Portal-Quality Property Search is the use of multiple polygon searches. One can also invite their friends and family to their search as the search process is lightning fast and easy to use. Results from past customers reported a 79% increase in additional organic traffic. Your real estate marketing will never be the same. With additional tips for their exclusive user community, Showcase IDX creates a level playing field so new users can have an equal opportunity for effective lead generation!

If you are looking to scale your traffic – it is time to engage a forward-thinking, ever-improving, and interface-focused solution, join the Showcase IDX community and change your website’s search results and tools. Need help building your website, they have a directory of top real estate website developers too.

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