Shutterstock predicts that creatives will use calm colours in 2021 after the colourful hues of 2020

In 2021, the visual world will reject this year's shift towards saturated hues and adopt a quieter, more natural aesthetic, according to Shutterstock.

The company just released its annual color trend report, which predicts that the next year will be defined by three colors: Set Sail Champagne, Fortuna Gold and Tidewater Green.

This projection is based on an analysis of the pixel-level data from the most popular downloads of 2020. According to Creative Director Flo Lau, these trends reflect a significant shift in marketing priorities after a year of chaos.

“For years brands and agencies have been using strong colors to stand out in a crowded content landscape. However, 2020 has forced creatives to target their strategies, ”she said in a statement. "We see them turn to optimistic colors that instill a sense of hope – a sense that positive change is coming."

The main colors of 2021 reflect what people wanted in 2020: a break. The champagne color represents an escape to “a sailing boat on open water”, the gold is inspired by the Roman goddess of luck and the green pays homage to the calm of the ocean tides.

According to Lau, the popularity of these colors speaks for a shared desire “to leave behind the bright, saturated hues that defined 2020” and to start over with “a natural palette that opens up new possibilities, and more simply the desire to follow to go outside and go away. "

Shutterstock uses data from its nearly 2 million customers each year to analyze trends both widespread and regional. In addition to the above hues that will be the spotlight around the world, the report forecast that dark violet will be a popular color in the US in the coming year.

The 2021 Color Trends Report reflects the work of designers, marketers, and creatives – an area Shutterstock recently invested in. In October, the company expanded its service with the launch of Shutterstock Studios, an end-to-end platform that delivers data-driven content strategies for creatives for everything from brand storytelling to scripting and influencer management.

The company has named Aiden Darné, former President of Production for the Vice Media Group, to lead global production for Shutterstock Studios.

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