Snapchat permits creators to publicly view their follower counts

For the first time ever, Snapchat developers have the ability to publicly view their follower counts.

The function was activated by default for people with a particularly high number of participants, while other users have to adjust their settings in order to activate the function.

A Snap Inc. spokesperson confirmed the new feature, saying, "We've listened to feedback from our developer community. Many of them have expressed an interest in having the option to show their community is growing on Snapchat." Starting today we offer the developers the possibility to make the number of subscribers visible in their public profiles. We are excited to share this new feature. However, we understand that not every developer wants public metrics to be visible to their fans. Therefore, creators can switch this metric on and off in their settings as required. "

In September, Snapchat launched Creator Profiles, allowing select creators to access the same benefits as verified Snap Stars, including:

  • Full screen profiles where they can share more details about themselves including bio, photo, url, location and email.
  • Highlights or a collection of photo and video content that can be added to profiles from Snapchat Stories or Camera Rolls.
  • All lenses created by developers in Lens Studio will appear in their public profiles.
  • Story responses that developers can use to interact with fans and filter those responses, although Snapchat automatically hides negative comments and spam.
  • Quote that allows writers to share subscribers' responses to their public stories.
  • Creators can share access to their profiles or performance information with brands through a role function, while team members can help manage these profiles.

The insights made available to the developers include:

  • New that shows the range (unique viewers) and the number of snapshots in each story. Story tiles can be tapped to get views, reach, screenshots and interactions for each snap.
  • A 28 day recap of the latest trends for this developer.
  • Story Insights: Tapping See More gives creators access to any metric over a seven- or 28-day period. Past snaps, which are filtered using a 24-hour time window, can be filtered by metrics such as average view time, reach and story view, percentage and story views to be compared with previous stories.
  • Audience: The number of subscribers, breakdown by gender, top location, and main interest of the creator's story audience over the past 28 days can be accessed. Tapping "See More" allows developers to further explore audience interests using Snapchat lifestyle categories and compare them by age, category, gender and location.
  • An Activity tab allows creators to track the publishing activity of people who have access to their public profiles.

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