Snapchatters can scan the Ralph Lauren Polo Pony brand off clothes

Ralph Lauren and Snap Inc. took the next step in the long-term innovative fashion partnership they formed in August with the release of an augmented reality experience that allows Snapchatters to scan the fashion brand's iconic polopony logo from any surface, to start it.

The two companies said this is the first time the technology has been used in apparel. Snapchatters can also scan the Polopony logo from surfaces such as advertisements, digital designs, printed matter, and shopping bags.

Scanning the logo takes users through the world of Ralph Lauren all the way through to the potential purchase. The release of the experience coincides with the Christmas shopping season.

The AR experience is regularly updated with new creative styles and themes.

Ralph Lauren / Snap Inc. Ralph Lauren / Snap Inc.

The two companies teamed up in August to create the first customizable and branded wardrobe for Bitmoji.

Ralph Lauren said in a statement, "As the partnership progresses, both Ralph Lauren and Snap will continue to innovate and plan to release a cadence of fun and forward-looking collaborations."

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