Spotify Premium Members Obtain a Salute Through Brief Movie Thank You, Listeners

The Spotify Wrapped initiative to close out 2020 turned its attention toward the 144 million Spotify Premium members with a new short film.

Thank You, Listeners debuted Monday across digital and social media, and the streaming service said it “pays homage to the parents, playlist creators, medical heroes, ‘quaranteams’ and the memes (remember murder hornets?) that made 2020, well, 2020, and brought Spotify along to soundtrack every moment.”

Spotify tapped over 15 animators, artists and illustrators, and Dua Lipa OKed the use of her popular hit, “Don’t Stop Now,” as the film’s background track.



  • Vice president, global executive creative director: Alex Bodman
  • Group creative director: Marie Ronn
  • Creative direction: Chelsea Alburger, Oriel Davis-Lyons, Alex Reinoso
  • Vp, global brand: Alexandra Tanguay
  • Head of global brand: Lauren Solomon
  • Global brand lead: Payman Kassaie
  • Brand management: Kathy Cho
  • Head of production: Lauren Keller
  • Executive producer: Shayan Amir-Hosseni
  • Integrated production: Ava Abdoulah, Kenzie Tankersley
  • Business affairs lead: Lauren King
  • Global strategy director: Zach Pentel
  • Creative strategy lead: Nathan Doiev
  • Global marketing strategy and planning: Nienke Dettmeijer
  • Global media: Shannen Boynton, Sarah Schlein
  • Premium brand and marketing: David Broad, Cleo Monrose, Colin Parajon, Veda Partalo, Jordan Toczynski
  • Legal council: Sarah Henderson, Claudia Stauss, Ali Zeren
  • Public relations and communications: Brittney Le Roy, Ashley Schlag, C.J. Stanley, Erin Styles, Tamika Young
  • Artist and label partnerships: Taryn Lacroix, Andy Sloan-Vincent

Production company: Riff Raff Films

  • Director: David Wilson
  • Executive producer: Matthew Fone
  • Producer: Kate Brady
  • Production manager: Elspeth Vince
  • Technical lead: Carl Kenyon

Edit house: Trim Editing

  • Editors: Thomas Grove Carter, Josh Mannox

Postproduction house: Black Kite

  • Post-producer: Tamara Mennell
  • Post supervisor: Paul Wilmot
  • Colorist: Rich Fearon

Animation and illustration

  • Animators and illustrators: Black Power Barbie, Bruno Ferreira Bonfim, Lee Hardcastle, LouLou Jaoa, Ian Miller, Moonjam 3D, Prathik Poojary, Tim Rauch, Matt Reynolds, Jungmin Ryu, Angela Stemple, Truba Animation, Simon Wilches, Bryson Williams

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