The Dodo begins the "Weirdest Pets Problem" on Instagram Reels

The animal brand The Dodo started their “Weirdest Pets Challenge” on Instagram Reels on Thursday.

Fans are invited to share their pet's funniest and bizarre behavior via the short-form video feature, and some of Instagram's up and coming pet developers will also participate and post their content on The Dodo's main feed.

The dodo will pick his favorite fan posts and post them on his Instagram stories for his nearly 10 million followers.

Dodo's Senior Director of Social Nicole Hendrickson said in a statement, “With nearly 10 million Instagram followers, The Dodo has built a robust and engaged community of animal lovers around the world. As the official launch partner for Instagram Reels, we have had great success with the new function so far. We are excited to deepen our Instagram partnership and to start our new "Weirdest Pets Challenge" with Reels to give Dodo fans the opportunity to bring the quirks of their pets to our account. "

The Dodo / Instagram The Dodo / Instagram The Dodo / Instagram

The Dodo / Instagram The Dodo / Instagram

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