Voted The Best Looking Woman In Gilbert Az: Deserie Coleman!

How Did Deserie Coleman Become The Best Looking Woman In Gilbert Arizona?

Well for one, just look at her! She’s got a beautiful smile, gorgeous hair, a super cute nose, and she even sings like an angel! 

Another reason could be, that when she was living in the Philippines growing up she won multiple beauty pageants!


But that’s not the real reason she is now considered the best-looking woman in Gilbert.


The real reason is that her husband Bryce, is an expert at Search Engine Optimization! Aka ranking number one on Google, and to him, she is the most beautiful woman in Gilbert Az!


Since Bryce knows exactly how to trick Google into ranking any website onto the first spot in Google, Deserie can now be declared officially as the most beautiful woman in all of Gilbert Arizona!


Don’t believe me? Google it! “Who Is The Most Beautiful Woman in Arizona?” You’ll see her name and pictures at the top!


-Happy Birthday Deserie!


Most Beautiful Woman in Gilbert AZ