The way to increase your YouTube channel with much less price range

Not many may know that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. So imagine the phenomenal range and the wonders you can achieve with it if you use it intelligently. The platform is a global favorite as visual representations such as pictures and videos are becoming more preferred by users than written documents because they are easier to understand. For example, what would you prefer, a step-by-step recipe on a website or a video of the same dish being cooked live?

Over the years, Youtube has grown into a huge social learning platform. It's added value to any digital marketing strategy because it has such a wide reach. All you need to know are some tips of the trade to make your channel thrive, and some of them are listed below:

Choose Google friendly keywords

It's important to search for keywords or use SEO to make sure your rankings stay up to date. That way, your video will be among the top videos when a user searches the platform with these keywords.

Come to perfect titles and write relevant descriptions

This is an essential part. Make sure you write the perfect title as this is one of the first things a user will notice about your video. Then it's important to have a description that creatively summarizes your video. Try not to make it too long though.

Create custom thumbnails

As mentioned earlier, custom thumbnails are a very effective way to get some traction. The funnier and more creative your thumbnail, the better the chances that a user will click on it. Not only do they increase the chances of your video being viewed, but they also provide a quick preview of what it has to offer.

Create quality content

While it is important to post on your channel regularly, make sure that the content is of high quality each time it is posted. Never post anything just because of that. Take the time to ponder ideas or just keep a journal handy to keep track of all of your ideas. Producing good content should always be your priority.

Fill out your profile

Your profile should never be incomplete. This is where your subscribers or potential subscribers can access your information. Always keep it complete and up-to-date when needed.

Choose the best release time

It is imperative that you post at a time when it is being received, when most of the people are online and browsing the platform, to get as much user engagement as possible. The best time from Monday to Thursday is between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Avoid 6 a.m. and after 10 p.m.

Focus on audience loyalty

If your video is 10 minutes long and most people watch it for at least 5 minutes, it has an average audience retention of 50%. Of course, to be considered good video, the percentage should be 60% or more. So make sure you create a video that will delight viewers from start to finish.

Reformat existing quality content

Continue working or add to your existing content as required. This is important to keep your content relevant and up to date.

Work on your time

Basically just another way of saying you need to keep working on your target audience average. Watching the time or audience engagement, as it is called by Youtube Analytics, helps Youtube determine whether your content is worth being in lists of recommended videos or appearing in the top videos in searches. Use analytics and other such software to learn what is working with your audience, and then work on your content accordingly.

Post on a consistent schedule

Not only does this keep you consistent and appear sincere about your content, but it also helps create a sense of excitement in your viewers. If you post on a specific day of the week or month, your viewers can look forward to it and plan their schedule accordingly.

Create a series

You can break your videos up into different parts and build tension over the coming parts to invest in your work.

Organize videos into playlists

Organizing and separating videos is very helpful not only for you but especially for your users. It helps them find who they like faster or just helps them navigate your channel more efficiently.

Increase / decrease video length

Every video you upload gives you a better understanding of your viewers' clicks. Make sure you edit the length of your videos accordingly.

Promote your YouTube videos on other social channels

Promotions are an integral part of growing a brand. A Youtube channel represents your brand and should be advertised on all social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Improve your click through rate

On Youtube, the audience has endless options to choose from. Improving your click through rate will ensure that your video gets clicked first. This mainly depends on your thumbnail, your promotions, and average audience engagement.

Watch your analytics

Any content crater should analyze how your viewers' thoughts work and what they like and what they don't. This is because you end up creating it only for them, and their settings are an important part of everything you create. Analytics can help you determine what time of day you get the most user interest, what content is fastest, with the most likes, and the like.

Use certain YouTube SEO tools

You should use SEO tools that are specifically designed for the platform as these will be the most helpful and effective in increasing your ratings.

Encourage subscribers to click the bell icon

If they click the bell icon, they will receive direct updates the next time they upload to get more traffic. Convince your subscribers to click the bell icon through your videos themselves or through other platforms.

Ask your audience to leave a comment below

This increases user interaction and also creates excitement for your content. Often times, people will check out the comment section first before continuing with the video. When people tag their friends and family it only leads to more traffic.

Pin a comment above and ask a question

This is another trick to increase the comments on the video. This will also help you connect with your viewers and learn what they like and dislike about your content.

Create amazing content worth commenting on

Your content should be such that it automatically triggers comment from your viewers. The only way to do this is by constantly working on your content and getting better and better with every video you produce. Even if it doesn't do this every time, it is always a good idea to try.

Use end screens and maps

End screens and cards are great features that you can use to promote your existing content. Make sure to use both of these features to get more views on your existing content.

End with a call to action

When creating promotional videos or videos that require certain steps to be followed after viewing, add a call to action. Include the various links in the description so that users know what to do next and how to get there.

Try questions and answers and try to respond to each comment

Interacting with your viewers and subscribers gives them a sense of familiarity and belonging to the Creator, which only solidifies their loyalty to the Creator and therefore the channel.

Be active in niche communities

By doing this, you'll always be kept up to date on what's going on in your particular area so you can create better content, keep up with trends, and even promote your channel.


Youtube and its immense popularity are growing with every pass. The concept of binge watching was only promoted because of the pandemic and the free time people had available. Its immense reach isn't hard to take advantage of when you have the skills and confidence.

One of the best things is that there are no limits and there are no differences on Youtube. Anyone can upload videos anytime, anywhere and invest in something they really enjoy with no startup costs. All you need is a working knowledge of how the platform works. Hopefully the points listed above will help you get a feel for how it works.

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