This Canadian retailer simply launched a line of ugly sweater masks

When the pandemic broke out in March, it didn't take long for brands to get creative by offering fun alternatives to those boring blue surgical masks.

Burger King released limited edition masks that communicated customer orders, a Hard Seltzer brand came up with a straw-friendly solution, and a now Canadian retailer made the ultimate accessory for Christmas in a pandemic: ugly sweater masks.

Mark & ​​# 39; s put the Covid-19 health and safety guidelines on a series of masks showing Saint Nick two bottles of “Santatizer”, a snow globe that says “Home is where the bubble is” and a group of Santa's helpers reminding us to "Keep three elves apart." The masks were designed by creative agency partner Taxi Toronto.

While family gatherings are not recommended this holiday season, Marks is determined to add some humor to the funky celebrations. The retailer may be the first to launch a line of ugly sweater masks, but brands have embraced the carefree trend of novel vacation apparel over the years.

Last month, Frito-Lay released a range of Christmas clothing with snacks such as Doritos and Cheetos. In 2019, Popeyes created a Christmas jumper that reminded customers to order their chicken sandwich before it was too late.

The Frito-Lay Holiday Shop has you covered.

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