This PSA, posted on Radiohead, tells children it's okay to not really feel "regular".

LONDON – Many children secretly feel like they don't match their peers, and those feelings of inadequacy have been compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the charitable Childline.

The organization has launched a new stop-motion animation from The Gate agency, tuned into Radiohead's "Creep", to help children control these feelings.

The commercial, entitled “Nobody Is Normal”, aims to let young people know that they are not alone, no matter how they feel inside. What follows is the story of a woolly creature who dresses up as a human teenager to fit into school.

But as the creature struggles to contain what's inside, it quickly realizes that everyone around him has something to hide too.

“At Childline we often hear from young people who feel different. This could be for a number of reasons, including bullying, abuse, and mental health issues. Sometimes young people just don't feel good about themselves, ”said Grania Hyde-Smith, Childline's director of marketing. "The Gate excellently brought this story to life in a gripping animation that shows young people that we are all different and that there is no such thing as 'being normal'."

Lucas Peon, chief creative officer at The Gate, said the work aims to talk to children "in a way that is natural to them".

"We needed an emotional story that intrigued people enough to pay attention to, and moved them to reflect and change their perspective," he said.

Brand: Childline
Client: Grania Hyde-Smith (Marketing Director), Rachel Day (Communications Officer), Courtney Zitola (Senior Digital Marketing Manager), Ellana Salt (Social Media Coordinator)
Creative Agency: The Gate
Chief Creative Officer: Lucas Peon
Creative: John Osborne, Rickie Marsden, Sam Whatley
Agency producer: Susie Innes
Account Director: Sam Dempsey
Strategy Guide: Kit Altin
Media agency: OMD
Director: Catherine Prowse
Producer: Daisy Garside
Production company: Blink & Rowdy
Director of Photography and Color Graders: George Warren
Animators: Tim Allen and Tobias Fouracre
Puppet Maker: Adeena Grubb
2D animator and compositor: Tom Fisher
Rig Removal: Ieuan Lewis
BTS: Joe Eckworth
Art department runners: Feiyang Yin and Stella Chapman
Recording: Clapham Road Studios
Blink Producer: Josef Byrne
Major Tom: Jake Wheeler
Grand Central: Gary Turnbull and Molly Butcher
Music companies: Beggar, Warner Chappell, Concord
Soundtrack: Radiohead
Illustrator: Biff
Project manager: Ross Frame, Jelly

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