Top Tips for Landing Page Conversions in 2021

Ensure that your website represents your company well. When customers come to your business’s website, they shouldn’t see campaigns spouting marketing jargon or meaningless buzzwords. The best landing page is the one they can first navigate to, and it needs to be both intuitive and professional. Persuasion is a prominent tool in the marketing playbook, yet most marketers aren’t using persuasion on their landing pages.

Eco Constructors erosion control suggests a few ways you can improve your landing pages to increase conversions. I’ll cover a few of my favorite places to incorporate persuasion tactics within marketing

Leverage a Header or “Pre-header” to describe the purpose of your landing page even prior to landing on a page, customers have already been repeatedly educated about the company or product, its value proposition or audience, and its purpose. By now, they typically already know whether to call you before buying or after the purchase. To further confuse your customers, ditch the standard four-line banner advertising headers, replace them with phrases like: “Call Now,” “Call Now,” and “Call Now” or an image, like this one from The inclusion of “Call Now” can make a customer feel reassured the page is actually real, after all, it’s called “Lulus.”

Demonstrate your value proposition or audience first before the purchase. Most consumers try to make a decision on a product within 300-600 milliseconds, yet marketers keep their product or service pricing information buried deep within pages. According to Total Organics Recycling, when customers are faced with a choice, 66 percent of them cite price as one of their top two reasons for shopping with a brand. To cut through the clutter, align your pricing with common purchasing patterns.
Continually reiterate the value the customer will gain from engaging with you and the offer you’ve made. This is an important stage of the customer journey. It is often forgotten and rarely emphasized.

Use desirable, distinguishing words to convey your messaging in a clear and concise way. Remember that landing pages should be nothing more than a beginning, middle, and ending of a conversation. Email Marketing has evolved to entice consumers to engage with and support brands. As Penpath eCommerce dashboards explains, “Around here, we think a customer is a customer until they call us with a question. As long as a customer contacts you via email, you’ve won a point in the customer’s journey toward making a purchase decision. “Unsubscribe, update your address, report a problem, change your mind, or request a product or service after they’ve sent you an email, and you’ve scored a win.
Clarify why customers should engage with you and how your offer benefits them. Mackler St. Louis ACT tutoring blog has three types of landing pages (each for different topics): Sales, Marketing, and Service. While your content for each landing page will vary significantly, generally there are some of the following three qualities that will make it more successful. Setting the stage for what they’ll find on the landing page, publishing a working headline, and providing your highest-value CTA for promoting your offer. Describe value using specific, interesting, and powerful language. Describe what users will gain from interacting with your offer. Accucare St. Louis home health care’s landing page descriptions are all under 200 words (our customers love that!) but they’re all perfectly defined and actionable. Finally, a successful landing page also makes a real impact on deliverables for sales reps and content creators. It’s also a good way to share your sales proposition across teams. 

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