Twitter is updating its public evaluation course of, which is able to take impact on January 20th

The ability to request confirmation is getting closer and closer to reality on Twitter.

The social network announced in November that it would reintroduce a public application process for review early next year by sharing a draft of the policies it plans to implement and asking users to contribute to those policies.

Some of this user input has been incorporated into Twitter's revised verification policy, which will take effect on January 20, 2021.

Changes based on user feedback include:

  • Profile biographies or header images no longer need to be considered complete for profiles.
  • Twitter has updated its references to Wikipedia to better meet the published standards for awareness and article quality.
  • The News category has been renamed to News and Journalists, and the Sports category has been renamed to Sports and Esports to be more inclusive. A reference has also been added to the Entertainment category to indicate that the digital content creators have been involved.
  • The social network has adjusted its minimum number of followers from country to country and region to make this requirement less susceptible to spam and to be more geographically fair.
  • Twitter said it would try to add categories, including academics, religious leaders, and scholars, early next year. Nothing that those who fit these descriptions could fall under the existing category of activists, organizers, and other influential people.

Also from January 20th, the social network will automatically remove verified IDs from inactive and incomplete accounts. Full accounts must have either a verified email address or phone number, a profile picture, and a display name.

Account holders who are at risk of losing their badges will receive automated emails and notifications in the application notifying them of the changes needed to maintain their verified status.

Twitter said it will not remove verified badges from inactive accounts of people who are no longer alive.

The social network added that accounts identified as having serious or repeated violations of Twitter rules will be under review.

Twitter stopped the application process for the review in March 2018. CEO Jack Dorsey said during a livestream at the time, “We believe that the review on this platform is very flawed and that we need to fix it and that we need a much more cohesive process to look at. "

Product leader Kayvon Beykpour said in a series of tweets in July 2018 that the review would take a back seat as Twitter focused its energies on protecting the integrity of the November midterm election.

Twitter hasn't completely stopped the review, but there hasn't been a formal process. The social network has checked accounts of celebrities, media representatives and organizations but has not accepted applications.

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The social network has also listed other types of accounts to be developed over the next year so that users can better understand who they are interacting with.

Twitter is planning a new account type to differentiate automated accounts from human-run accounts. One blog post states: “Accounts that are automatically posted to Twitter, also called bots, can add great value to the service, for example when sharing earthquake reports or self-care reminders. However, it can be confusing to people unless it is clear that these accounts are automated. ":

The social network is also working on reminder accounts for deceased users to preserve their memories.

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