Your guide to user generated content and how to use it

Imagine creating content using information that your audience provides on their own. This is the basis for user-generated content. But how can you accomplish something like that? Read on to find out.

What is User Generated Content?

According to a survey, people are 90% more responsive to user-generated content than other types of content such as email or even search engine results. However, this reaction can be both positive and negative, which is why it must be used intelligently.

User Generated Content (UGC) refers to all content on the web that was created based on users. Essentially anything that the brand doesn't create, like most of the videos, photos, and posts, falls under UGC. However, they use this content to improve their rankings.

There are many types of UGC. Some of the most commonly used are:

Why use user generated content?

At some point we all thought that advertising or marketing in general was too dramatic or overdone. For this reason, a 2013 survey found that 76% of consumers think that ads are “a little over the top”.

Some people even said that because of the promotion of the product, they cannot make a decision. From this we concluded that people might not like ads as much as you might expect.

User generated content is therefore important as it adds a much more realistic touch to marketing. The content is not made or manufactured to appear in any particular way. It's raw and understandable. This is what appeals to the audience.

If you are looking for UGC, you can visit websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Flickr, etc. Use these powerhouses of user generated content to develop strategies that will ensure your audience keeps coming back to achieve more.

How do I do UGC Marketing?

To use user-generated content effectively and intelligently, you need to do the following:

Set your goals

Any content that you create or use depends on the purpose behind using that content. Whether you are trying to increase brand awareness, increase engagement, increase sales, or promote a specific product or service, you need to have a reasonable goal in mind.

You need to remember that the content you post there should mean something to your audience. It can't just be a pretty picture with empty promises. You have to convince them to invest in you.

Develop a system for collecting content

This doesn't have to be a difficult step. You can easily create a branded hashtag and ask people to post with that particular hashtag or something similar. However, when it comes to using pictures and videos, there are often copyright issues that are not easy to navigate.

Another thing that has worked well for businesses is using an app or portal to collect UGC. This way, annoying copyright problems can be avoided.

Be crystal clear with your instructions

You need to be as clear and specific as possible. Don't mislead your audience. You need to be clear about any rules you may have and the rewards people might get.

The rules and prices, as well as all details, should be written in a way that is free of legal language so that everyone can understand what has been written and avoid confusion afterwards.

Talk to your legal advisor

These types of campaigns are not always easy to conduct as there are many smaller but complicated situations such as: B. the copyright problems mentioned above. Hence, it is always better to keep your legal specialists updated on how you plan to run your campaign.

Always be prepared

There have been many instances where companies did not closely monitor all UGC content and it turned out to be extremely uncomfortable for them. If this is not done correctly, it can create many PR problems that are not easy to resolve.

We mean to say that you need to be careful when dealing with UGC and be prepared for anything. Since you are dealing with ordinary people, not everyone creates content with good intentions.

You should always learn from any negative UGC content you receive, but only post the positive ones. You need to be very specific in going through all of the submissions.

Start using UGC

After you've compiled all of the valuable UGCs, you're ready to use them. It will add a lot of value to your brand as people will trust you more. Based on the content you show them, they will judge the capabilities of your products and / or services.

Always remember to associate personalized landing pages with all of your user-generated content to increase conversion rates.


Not only is user-generated content easy to put together, it also gives the audience exactly what they want. You don't have to go out of the way and try to convince them, and you run the risk of being considered "extra" in the process. Start building your UGC today.

You can find more information on such marketing strategies in the Digital Ready blog section. Also, check out the different digital marketing courses we offer and take your first step to becoming a digital marketer.

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