Your Ultimate Guide to a Modern Real Estate Website: The 2021 IDX and Home Search Report

IDX Broker versus iHomeFinder versus Showcase IDX

The Made in America Movement has just released its latest report, Your Ultimate Guide to a Modern Real Estate Website: The 2021 IDX and Home Search Report. In it, they discuss the benefits of using Showcase IDX for your website instead of traditional IDX. They also dive into how home buyers search for homes online, what information they are looking for when viewing listings, and more. Download this free report now!

The report offers some insight to help you better understand your clients’ needs. It suggests that using Showcase IDX will make it easier on both developers and users of websites; we’ll go over more about this below too!

Features of a great Realtor website

-An intuitive interface

-Responsive design for use on mobile devices and tablets

-The ability to upload multiple photos of the home, along with a 360° virtual tour option.

-Maps and directions from their office or community destinations is also helpful in today’s market where people are searching online before visiting properties in person.

Being able to offer these features will greatly increase traffic, conversions, leads, and gross commission income over time as more customers discover your website.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Realtor websites cannot provide this experience because they are using an outdated IDX and home search, either as a standalone IDX plugin or the IDX website that is part of an “all-in-one” real estate platform.

Protecting your clients’ information from Zillow

Zillow provides a great home search. The problem for consumers and real estate agents is that Zillow, despite their relatively recent move to become a broker, has historically been a lead generation machine. The company, which also owns Trulia, earns almost $2,000,000,000 per year collecting contact and budget information from consumers and providing that information to Zillow Premier Agents.

While there is nothing wrong with a freemium model, many consumers do not realize what is happening with their phone number, email, and other personal information.

Many newer and part-time agents wonder why they keep losing out to competitive agents, even for their friends and closer connections. The reason in many cases is because they do not have their own website with the modern tools their potential clients require. The result is that they go to Zillow, the company provides that information to a competitive agent, and that more experienced agent calls the homebuyer.

Features of a great Realtor website

Agents need more than a business card website or one using home search tools built on subdomains or iframes. Realtors and agents need a personal website using the modern home search tools that consumers require and that protect their privacy.

Picking the right real estate plugins

After reading “The 2021 IDX and Home Search Report” you will understand much more what is needed to pick the right real estate plugins.

This free report compiles the data from the largest real estate study ever conducted with consumers. It looks at what consumers actually do, rather than what the salesperson at some website development company selling real estate websites says.

Read this report to get detailed reviews of FlexMLS, Showcase IDX, IDX Broker, iHomeFinder, RealtyNA, and 14 other IDX vendors. Also find detailed reviews of LionDesk and some of the larger real estate web design companies such as Brandco, Agent Image, Agent Elite, Easy Agent Pro, Websitebox, and others.

This free report is also a must-read for any real estate website developer who wants to keep up with the latest trends.


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