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Barber Clipper Sharpening

Oct 7

Do you love barber clippers? They make shaving fun again! But do you know how to care for them properly?

Barbershops are great places to get haircuts because they offer convenience, affordability, and quality service. Unfortunately, most barbershops aren't very well equipped with the proper equipment to maintain their barber clippers. This means that many barbers end up spending hours every week cleaning and sharpening their barber clippers instead of focusing on cutting hair.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about caring for your barber clippers. It includes information on how to clean them, how to sharpen them, and even how to repair them if something goes wrong.

Cleaning Hair Clipper Blades

barber cutting hair with shar barber blade

First, clean your barber-clipper blades and put some drops of clipper oil on. After blade wash, you can use either a ceramic or diamond-cutting stone to sharpen them. The best honing stones are 8000 grit. You should move your blades five to ten times across the stone, moving forward only. Wipe them with a damp towel. After you're done, put them back into their original positions. You can also check if the blades have been properly separated.

Drying Barber Blades

Microfiber Cloth is an innovative product that allows you to dry your clippers without having to go out and buy expensive air conditioning units. This saves you money and time.

The Micro Fiber cloth is made of 100% polyester which makes it extremely durable and easy to clean. It also dries quickly because there is no water inside the material.

You can easily store your clippers inside the Micro Fiber Cloth when you are done using them. You can even hang them on the wall.

Rock salt

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to sharpen clipper blades is with rock salt. It is easily accessible and has a powerful sharpening impact on blades. To sharpen their knives, barbers used large quantities rock salt. The fine salt particles can reduce the time required to sharpen.

You can use rock salt to sharpen clipper blades. Simply pulverize it. After the blade has been used, you should apply it to the surface. It is important to keep in mind that the blades of a clipper can become dull with prolonged use. Therefore, it is worth regularly sharpening them to save money on new blades.

Another option is to use coarse whetstones.

You can sharpen clipper knives even if your tools don't include stones, emerycloth or sharpening stones. It's the exact same process as above except that you'll need a flat surface. I have had success using large, hardcover books as flat surfaces.

After cleaning, be sure to check the blade to make sure it is sharpened. Sharpening will improve performance as well as prevent the blade from getting too dull.


Sandpaper will not only make the blades sharper, but it can also polish them. This will give your knives a shiny, smooth look. Any hardware store will sell sandpaper.

Extra fine grit should be used. A whetstone with a 4,000-grit finish can also be used.

Next, place your blades on a piece or sandpaper. Pull them back and forth.

You can sharpen your barber cutter blades at your home even if there are no stones, emerycloth or sandpaper. It's the same process as above, but you'll need to attach the sandpaper to a flat surface. If you don’t own a flat surface, a large hardcover book is an option.

Sandpaper is also a good option to sharpen your hair-cutting scissors. A grit of around 4000 is recommended. If your blades are extremely dull you will need a higher grade grit. Sharper blades can be obtained by using sandpaper of higher grits.

Before you begin cutting your barberclipper blades with a sharpener, dry the blades well. You can then lubricate your blades with oil. This will ensure that your blades stay sharper longer. Finally, after sharpening, store the clippers safely.

Thorvie International

A barber-clipper sharpening service is an excellent home-based business opportunity. It requires very little investment. These services are low-risk and offer a wide selection tools and supplies. You can also get telephone support and a variety of training DVDs.

Sharpening barber clipper blades requires two basic elements: the proper honing compound and a true running honing plate. A direct drive machine such as the AV-36 is ideal for sharpening clipper blades. The AV-36's aluminum honing plates are hollow-ground and tapered for sharpness. The machine's clear face makes it easy for users to reach the honing tray. The AV-36 includes accessories for sharpening clipper knives.

The company's master sharpeners are nbtsg certified, and the company sells a range of high-end barber clipper blades, shears and shearing machines. Thorvie International is a leader in the manufacture of saw blades as well as tool sharpening machinery. They also sell clipper and horse clippers.


A barber clipper is one of those tools that most people take for granted, yet few truly understand its importance. A good sharpener will keep your clippers working efficiently, which means less work for you and better haircuts for your clients.